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With the Premium Optifuel in 2009, Renault Trucks was the first truck manufacturer to launch a comprehensive "product plus services" offering designed to reduce consumption. And now, with the launch of Premium Optifuel 2011, the manufacturer is further increasing its lead in the field of fuel saving solutions. Still as part of the Optifuel Programme, Premium Optifuel 2011 is equipped with the Optiroll pack. This system, coupled with the speed regulator, makes maximum use of the vehicle's inertia to reduce the amount of fuel it consumes, enabling the Premium Optifuel's fuel saving performance to be improved by an additional 1%.

For Renault Trucks, the point of departure for cutting consumption is of course the vehicle itself. With the Premium Long Distance, it is already offering the vehicle with the lowest consumption in its category. However, the manufacturer believes that it should go further by assisting drivers and fleet managers in customer companies to achieve even greater fuel savings.

This is why, from 2009, with Premium Optifuel, Renault Trucks introduced its comprehensive offering of a truck with the lowest consumption in its category equipped with the best technology available together with various fuel saving tools under the name of Optifuel Programme. This consists of theoretical and practical training in rational driving provided by Renault Trucks experts (Optifuel Training), software to measure and analyse consumption (Optifuel Infomax) and the means of maintaining the benefits provided by the training in the long term via a specific Internet site (Optifuel Programme Club).

Now, with Premium Optifuel 2011, Renault Trucks is making its lead in this field even greater by including the Optiroll pack in its offering. This pack includes new functionalities such as Optiroll and the Soft-Cruise Control while retaining the possibility of switching off the "power" mode.

Coupled with the speed regulator, Optiroll automatically engages the Optidriver+ gearbox's "controlled freewheeling" function when rolling conditions are right for fuel saving, allowing it to make optimal use of the vehicle's inertia to reduce consumption.
An Optiroll phase comes to an end when rolling conditions are no longer favourable for fuel saving, or when the driver decides to do so. Disengaging the system takes place instantly, since the Optidriver+ gearbox is kept pre-engaged throughout the Optiroll phase.   

The pack also incorporates the Soft-Cruise control, a more sophisticated speed regulator that is able to deliver improved fuel savings when travelling through undulating country. This optimises consumption on the basis of a given reference speed.  It can, for example, slightly reduce the speed on certain climbs, to favour an engine speed having a better torque/yield compromise and therefore use less fuel. This does not, however, have any real impact on the actual journey time. Finally, the Optiroll pack also offers the possibility of switching off the power mode to further reduce any pointless fuel consumption.

In 2009, Premium Optifuel was certified as being able to deliver fuel savings of 6.4 % by the independent German TÜV organisation. The Optiroll pack now makes it possible to save a further 1 % of fuel (based on the system being used during 30% of any given journey). Finally, it should be stressed that Premium Optifuel 2011 is a vehicle that meets EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) requirements, currently the most stringent standard for polluting emissions, which Renault Trucks is able to respect without any increase in consumption.

With Premium Optifuel 2011, Renault Trucks is increasing its lead in fuel saving technology. There are now more than 300 companies that have signed up to the Optifuel Programme over the past three years, making this the highest selling fuel saving service in Europe. Optifuel Programme makes it possible to achieve sustainable fuel savings (with Optifuel Training, Optifuel Infomax and the Optifuel Programme Club) by means of tools that are easy to implement and very quickly cost effective. Suitable for companies of all sizes and in every sector of activity, this solution is very much one-of-a-kind, offering the best ROI available on the market today.

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