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Victory for the Dutch team at the Renault Trucks Challenge “Mechanic Of The Year 2007”

On Thursday, January 10th, Saint-Priest hosted the European Final of “Mechanic of the Year 2007”. The Dutch team took first place, followed by the Polish and French teams.

9 finalist country teams took part in this first final in the workshop shared by Renault Trucks training centres: Hungary, Belgium, France, Italy, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Turkey.

The participants were asked to do 5 tests: reprogramming a set of Renault Mascott keys, configuring a vehicle using a specific body-builder tool, dismantling and assembling an injector on an engine, solving an electrical breakdown concerning a relay and searching for technical data and information.

These tests allowed us to assess the capacity of those participants to respect the manufacturer’s recommendations and state of the art practice, use the right tool at the right time, carry out method-based diagnosis of breakdowns, find specific documentation in a Renault Trucks on-line tool (Renault Trucks Links), feedback and explain the repair to the customer.

To assess this performance, 10 juries including 2 technical support experts from the network and training departments were dedicated to each test.

The results were as follows:

  • The Dutch team is the big winner of the challenge, with Maikel DE KAIZER and Johan IMMINKHUIZEN;
  • In second position, the Polish team, Thomasz PAULICZEK and Stanislaw ZDEBSKI;
  • In third position, the French team with Frédéric POTET and Yves VIRICEL.

Not on the winners’ podium, but winners of the competition in their respective countries:

  •  Turkey, represented by Yilman GOKHAN and Metin BAYRAM
  • Belgium, represented by Christophe LEDOUX and Outmane HADDOUCH
  • Hungary, represented by Laszlo BISTEI and Attila PAPP
  • Italy, represented by Alessio ZOPPI and Marco De BIASIO
  • Czech Republic, represented by a mixed team: Michal PETERA (Czech Republic) and Lubo KARABINIOS (Slovakian Republic)
  • Romania, represented by Marian ION and Eugen MICU.

2 Market Company representatives were also present at the event to support the teams and audit the operation.

The finalists all showed exemplary professionalism, motivation, team spirit and a really serious attitude during the tests.

The organisers congratulated all participants from the countries who left with a clear desire to improve and thanked all those who contributed to the success of the project.