Used trucks Factory : Renault Trucks creates an adaptation unit dedicated to used vehicles

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Used trucks Factory : Renault Trucks creates an adaptation unit dedicated to used vehicles

Renault Trucks has incorporated a specialised workshop for converting used vehicles – the Used Trucks Factory – into its Bourg-en-Bresse manufacturing site.

Renault Trucks has chosen its adaptation centre located in the Bourg-en-Bresse factory to establish a specialised workshop for converting used vehicles. Mechanics recover trucks less than five years old and carry out the modifications required for their new tasks. Tractors have been converted into rigids and T-range and Premium Route vehicles are turned into worksite supply trucks (X-Road). 

Tailor-made trucks

This conversion workshop enables us to provide tailor-made used trucks for our customers”, explained Emmanuel Duperray, Senior Vice-President, responsible for used trucks at Renault Trucks. “It provides the flexibility we need to quickly and efficiently meet the requirements of our customers."
As a result, the manufacturer is compensating for the scarcity of carriers and worksite supply trucks on the European used trucks market and meeting strong demand from customers. In Africa and the Middle East, the manufacturer is also meeting the requirements of customers looking for constructor-quality vehicles adapted to demanding conditions of use.

Indeed, the conversion workshop benefits from Renault Trucks manufacturing methods and expertise, thereby guaranteeing the high quality and robustness of its converted vehicles. They have the added advantage of a constructor’s guarantee.

There are currently two main types of conversion:

• Tractors converted into carriers 

Tractors from the Premium Route and T range are converted into rigids. To carry out the conversion, operations are required to remove the cab, drive chain and suspension in order to change the rails. This method enables the manufacturer to offer its customers long wheelbases (three available lengths) and guarantee the robustness of the vehicle for all types of bodies and use.

• Long road vehicles become worksite supply trucks 

With a design based on a Premium Route, the Premium X-Road is fitted with new steel bumpers, mixed service 315/80 tyres, an extra-strong access step and a reinforced fifth-wheel coupling, as well as having its ground clearance raised. An off-road function is added to the gear box and engine software is updated accordingly. 

The worksite is currently making the same modifications to the Renault Trucks T. The T X-Road is set to be launched on the market in Europe in October 2017.

By the end of 2017, the workshop will have converted 300 used Renault Trucks. The target is to achieve a capacity of 500 vehicles per year as from 2018.

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