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Under the Misano sun

This weekend, Italy's Misano race track hosted a leg of the Truck Racing Championship for the 20th year in a row! But even if there was plenty of sun and lots of warm, summer weather, there was anything but a holiday atmosphere out on the track where the battle was fierce. At the end, the Renault Trucks - MKR Technology team came away with three podium places out of the week-end's four races and was able to fully size up the young Adam Lacko. With two fourth places, he confirmed his potential for the upcoming events. In the paddock, Renault Trucks had made elaborate preparations to welcome more than 800 guests throughout the weekend, as well as a number of attractions for the general public - all of which were, once again, hugely successful.

The second race of the Truck Racing season confirmed that the 2011 championship is going to be exciting and keenly competitive. On the Misano track, the races were hotly contested, and it was more than simply a question of soaring temperatures! Leaders kept swapping, attacks came from all quarters, close encounters tested the rules… In other words, everyone was kept on the edge of their seats!
At the end, the Renault Trucks - MKR Technology drivers won three places on the podium during the four races, enabling the team to maintain its number two position in the overall rankings. With two fourth positions, the young Adam Lacko clearly reasserted his potential. All he needs to do now is better channel his ardent enthusiasm. In fact, the young drivers certainly created something of a stir in Italy, with the MKR Junior team, made up of Adam Lacko and Antony Janiec, actually getting a top place on the podium.  

As far as welcoming guests was concerned, Renault Trucks Italy had taken over a terrace with a view over the track and the Renault Trucks - MKR Technologies stand, so that all the guests (over 500 during the weekend) could enjoy front row seats of the event. They also had an opportunity to seeing the Renault Premium Truck Racing special edition in action on the track, since it was used as the Pace Truck. Meanwhile, the tent erected next to the official stand was full throughout the weekend, altogether welcoming over 300 customers. Although official figures have not yet been published, it is certain that large numbers of spectators - including many families - came to attend this 20th Truck Racing event at Misano. In a friendly, family and good-humoured atmosphere, everyone was able to enjoy the various races, as well as the parade of decorated trucks and the attractions in the paddock such as the Renault Trucks racing simulators, the manufacturer's official boutique and an exhibition of various vehicles from its range. The next meeting will be taking place at Albacete in Spain, in two weeks time. Where, once again, things will be hotting up!


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