A Renault Trucks D Cab 2m for high-quality horse trucks

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A Renault Trucks D Cab 2m for high-quality horse trucks

Fully equipped and with an impressive payload, the latest model of renowned horse truck manufacturer Dickenherr is a sure-fire winner. The perfect foundation for this is the Renault Trucks D Cab 2 m.

Satisfying the needs of sophisticated owners of valuable breeding and sport horses, is the main focus of Klaus Dickenherr and his company “Dickenherr Trucks & Trailer GmbH”, a specialist vehicle constructor based in the Baden-Württemberg city of Aalen. “In recent years, we noticed a growing demand for horse trucks for two or three horses combined with high-quality and fully-equipped living quarters. However, most commercially available truck chassis of comparable payload were incapable of meeting our requirements The new Renault Trucks 2 m, 7.5-tonne D cab is the perfect base vehicle,” explains Klaus Dickenherr. . “A convincing selling point of the vehicle is that it has the lowest kerb weight in its class. With its approximately 4.5 tonnes of carrying capacity, it gives us a lot of latitude for bodywork installations and payload. In addition, the cab is still spacious and very well equipped – something we want for our customers.

The exclusive living quarters offer travellers a spacious and bright top-sleeper, along with a large sofa that can be converted into a second double bed. A kitchenette with fridge, sink and hob is available, as well as plenty of storage space, air conditioning, a stationary heating system, and satellite TV. Another highlight is the separate bathroom, with shower and stainless steel basin, and a full WC with a basin and additional storage space. The living quarters and cab are connected to each other by a passageway.

Dickenherr GmbH has already successfully presented the vehicle at several trade expos and equestrian events, where it has been very well received. “In another configuration called ‘Compact Living’, with slightly smaller living quarters, the light kerb weight of the Renault Trucks D Cab 2 m allows up to three horse stalls. We are already working on two customer orders for this configuration,” explains Klaus Dickenherr.

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