A Maxity Electric in the luxory world

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A Maxity Electric in the luxory world

Renault Trucks has just delivered a Maxity Electric to GF Service. Specialised in transport of high added value products, GF Service works for top fashion and luxury brands. The company was seeking to minimise its environmental impact, and the answer was electrical energy. For its first electrical energy vehicle it has chosen Renault Maxity Electric, whose CO2 emissions, silence and 100-kilometre range corresponded to their needs. Maxity electric will deliver to luxury boutiques in Paris city centre, in the 8th district.

GF Service is specialised in the transport of high added value merchandise for luxury and fashion outlets. To reduce the environmental impact of its business, it has decided to invest in electrical energy, and in particular for its deliveries within Paris. “Just like our customers, we are very sensitive to eco-citizenship,” explains François Ghiotti, chairman of GF Service. “Among the different solutions on the market for this type of vehicle, the Maxity 100% electric was the most suitable, since it emits no CO2.” With this choice, the company is looking to avoid over 11 tons of CO2  per year.

Beyond the environmental aspect, Maxity Electric also has another key feature: It is extremely silent. “It’s the second very important point for us,” continues François Ghiotti. “It allows us to show our customers that we can adopt a different style of distribution, at night for example, without being continually stuck in traffic jams.”

With its high payload and 100km range (with the speed controller set at 70 kph), the Maxity Electric will perform ordinary delivery missions as of the end of September. It will deliver to major fashion and luxury boutiques in Paris’ 8th district, where most such boutiques are located.
Renault Trucks Clean Tech vehicles
In order to meet road transport’s environmental challenge, and faced with increasing demand from customers for less polluting vehicles, especially in towns, Renault Trucks has, for several years, been developing trucks that rely on alternative technologies to diesel: electric, hybrid, but also natural gas (NGV). These three types of vehicles are federated under the Clean Tech label and are primarily intended for urban and peri-urban usage.

With their keenness to offer the same maintenance quality on these vehicles as for thermal engines, Renault Trucks has adopted a Clean Tech label approach for its repair network. New technologies, of course, mean that the network needs new skills and tools that are specific to the maintenance and repair of this type of vehicle.

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