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A "serious game" video game to analyse the training needs of Renault Trucks sales forces

Using video games to sell better? This is the innovative project that the Renault Trucks network training centre has set up with this first 3D “serious game” designed to train its sales forces. Each salesman from the network will, thanks to this tool coupled with an online E-Eval assessment platform, be able to test his technical professional knowledge and commercial skills in what is a serious-but-fun format. Depending upon developments and scores obtained, Renault Trucks trainers will be able to draw up a personalised audit for each participant to help develop their annual training plans.

The ability to listen, sense of organisation, knowledge and presentation of the Renault Trucks product range, the ability to work in a network and adapt to customer demand, the ability to engage with customers, assertiveness, etc. All these skills of the brand’s salesmen will be assessed and tested most precisely using a new video simulation specially developed for them by Renault Trucks International Training, the company’s training centre, and Ava Daesign, the Serious Game specialist in the region.

As both a learning tool and something that’s fun to use, the simulation – designed on the basis of a 3D video, with realistic scenarios and characters – recreates the day-to-day life of a commercial vehicles sales area. The salesmen becomes the hero of his own professional tale. Commercial negotiations, stock management, customer follow-up, relationship with colleagues... everyday situations presented as the 6 stages of the simulation progress: it is up to the salesman to adopt the best possible strategy and therefore obtain the best results!

This self-learning tool is part of the serious games category used by many companies for training in many areas. It will allow Renault Trucks to provide each participant with a personalised audit plus an individualised training plan. Initially rolled out in the French network of Renault Trucks, and then in Great Britain in 2010, the simulation will be used in Turkey, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia through 2011. Longer term, the objective is to train around 1,000 sales staff in Europe.

A useful adaptation of a video game for professionals, this tool will bring a new, convivial edge to continuous vocational training of Renault Trucks sales staff and thereby contribute to increasing their efficiency in their customer relations in “real” life situations.

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