Truck Racing: a new challenge and the arrival of a third driver for Renault Trucks

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Truck Racing: a new challenge and the arrival of a third driver for Renault Trucks

Three, two, one… Go! The 2011 Truck Racing season is underway. With everything looking good, particularly with the return of the discipline to the UK, Renault Trucks MKR-technology has announced the addition of a third truck and a third driver to the Renault Trucks-MKR Technology team. The young and already experienced Adam Lacko will be at the wheel of the third Premium Racing from the very first event in Donington on 23 and 24 April. Associated with Anthony Janiec (a French driver from Team 14), the two of them will form a new team for the Junior Championship: MKR Team 14 Juniors.

For the Renault Trucks-MKR Technology team, the 2010 season was one of revelation. The revelation of a brand-new team that won the championship at the very first attempt! For Stefano Chmielewski, CEO of Renault trucks, "This was a tremendous victory. But it had nothing to do with luck, for this team brought together the best in the discipline in terms of both men and technology." Celebrated as it rightly deserved, this victory was however just the first step, opening up a whole new horizon. "With Adam Lacko, a new driver in the European Champion truck, we want to give our brand a higher profile. So that the drivers and hauliers who follow truck racing feel that this is a brand with assurance, proud to be a brand that wins, proud to be a brand that shares their passion for racing and the sporting challenge!" concludes Renault Trucks' CEO.

Gérard Pétraz, the Renault Trucks Racing technical manager is also looking to the future: "I believe that we absolutely must not rest on our laurels. Even if the Renault Trucks DXi 13 Racing is acknowledged to be the best engine in the discipline, we have been working at making it even better over the winter. It is sure to amaze the truck racing aficionados once again! And as for Adam Lacko joining the other two drivers in the team, his youthfulness, but also his motorsport experience in general and truck racing in particular are going to deliver quite a few surprises! We are therefore all set to defend our crown. And why not pull off the driver championship title as well?"

Adam Lacko was born on 24 September 1984 in Čeladná (Czech Republic). Like many drivers, Adam Lacko began his career on karts and then promotion formulas (Ford Fiesta Skoda Octavia cup, etc.). While taking part in these events in 2001, and also the following year, he tested the Tatra Jamal racing truck and got bitten by the truck bug. In 2003, he took part in his first European Truck Racing Championship, finishing 5th at the wheel of a Tatra. He continued during the next few years with Man and Buggyra before following a career in GT racing Championships. He came back to the European Truck Racing Championship in 2009 with the Allgäuer Truck Racing Team, and this year will be defending the Renault Trucks-MKR Technology colours.

It should however be noted that although he is driving a Premium Racing, only the points scored by the "two Markus" will count for the team's total during the championship races. On the other hand, Adam will be teaming up with Anthony Janiec (a Team 14 driver) for the Team championship under the name of MKR Team 14 Juniors.

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