Tomorrow's transport will be intelligent or not at all

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Tomorrow's transport will be intelligent or not at all

Renault Trucks is partnering the 8th European Congress on Intelligent Transport Services and systems (ITS) which will be held in Lyon at the Cité Internationale  Convention Centre from 6 to 9 June. This Congress brings together the community of private and public players who are involved in deploying mobility solutions for the future and are, in particular, interested in improving the conditions under which goods are delivered in urban environments. Active in the field of "intelligent" transport, Renault Trucks believes that the future lies with "connected" trucks and drivers. This is why it offers drivers different applications to make their daily work easier, such as NavTruck, the only HGV dedicated GPS for the iPhone. Renault Trucks will also be exhibiting the Maxity Electric, a "zero noise" and "zero emission" vehicle on its stand, as well as the Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech, its hybrid (electric+Diesel) vehicle.

Lyon's Cité Internationale Convention Centre will be hosting the 8th European Congress on Intelligent Transport Services and systems (ITS) from 6 to 9 June. As one of the event's partners, Renault Trucks will have a stand on which it will be highlighting the solutions it already has available to make transport more "intelligent". For example, visitors will be able to watch a demonstration of various Smartphone applications it has developed since the beginning of the year. These are designed to keep drivers "connected", making their everyday work easier and helping them complete their assignment more efficiently. One of these is NavTruck, the only GPS specifically for HGVs available on the iPhone. NavTruck calculates the best route for a driver to take according to his truck's size, weight or type of goods being carried, avoiding roads which cannot be used by HGVs. This results in deliveries taking place under the most favourable conditions for the driver and other road users who can therefore avoid the risk of, for example, being held up by a truck making a U-turn. Other applications of a similar type are being developed and will be made available in the course of the year.
The notion of "connected" trucks is also an important feature of the FREILOT European project in which Renault Trucks is also involved as a partner. Tested in 4 European cities, including Lyon, the project aims to improve deliveries in urban environments while at the same time significantly reducing vehicles' fuel consumption via a combination of solutions. These include communications between trucks and infrastructures, such as a means of reserving delivery bays to avoid trucks having to double park or giving the "cleanest" trucks priority at certain road junctions to help traffic flow more smoothly.
At the Congress, Renault Trucks will be presenting some of its vehicles running on alternative energies. These include the Maxity Electric, a "zero noise" and "zero emission" truck and its electric+Diesel hybrid vehicle, the Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech. There are currently three Maxity Electric and two hybrid vehicles being operated by various customers in France and Belgium, and other vehicles are soon to be delivered. These represent the new transport solutions to be developed in urban centres which will depend on how well they are incorporated into an "intelligent" logistics system for them to realise their full potential in terms of efficiency.


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