Time Book: a logbook for the 21st century

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Time Book: a logbook for the 21st century

Truck drivers are used to noting down the time they spend driving in a notebook. Now, Renault Trucks invites them to replace their notebook by... their iPhone, using the new Time Book application. Throughout the day, drivers record how long they have been at the wheel and how long they have rested. Warnings are issued when maximum time limits draw near. At the end of each mission, a computer file is generated containing all this data for consultation.

Almost all truck drivers keep a notebook within easy reach of their dashboard in which they note down the time they spend driving and resting. But in this era of new technologies, notebooks can no longer keep up. Renault Trucks is therefore meeting drivers' demands for more modern solutions by offering to replace this notebook by a free iPhone application, known as Time Book. Although tracked by the tachograph, which provides the only legal reference for these measurements, the data recorded by this application enables drivers to foresee their situation and not exceed the 9 hours of permitted daily driving time or the 56 hours maximum allowed in a single week.

When they take to the road, drivers using Time Book only have to press on one of four icons: "Driving", "Available", "Short break" or "Long break" to describe their activity and start the stopwatch. At the end of the activity, they simply have to press again to stop the timing and, if appropriate, indicate that a new activity is underway. The data recorded is then transferred to a virtual notebook which lists the activity, the time it started, ended and how long it lasted. At the end of the day or assignment, drivers can find this "notebook" and make corrections if any errors were made, in entering the time for example. This information can then be e-mailed to fleet managers for saving in the archives or printing out.

Totally dedicated to drivers, this application was first of all designed to make their everyday assignments simpler to manage. It can therefore be set up according to each particular need. For example, when the authorised driving time expires, drivers can choose when they want to be warned (30 min before, 15 min before, etc.). NavTruck, the special HGV GPS application also available for the iPhone, can then prove to be a very valuable and highly complementary tool. This is because NavTruck shows how much time remains before the destination is reached. When the alarm sounds, drivers can therefore easily see if they have enough time to get to the destination or if they should ask NavTruck to find a place to rest in its database. Similarly, drivers can set Time Book while they are resting - to be informed by their iPhone when they can get back on the road. Drivers are also completely free to mute all warnings and only use the application for recording purposes.

Easy to understand and use, Time Book has been designed to serve drivers and release them from having to use a bulky notebook. By using Time Book, drivers can drive or rest with total peace of mind, particularly when they use it together with NavTruck. For in the end it makes their iPhones into a useful and essential working tool that helps them carry out their everyday assignments with greater efficiency.

Available applications:

- Selected for you: To find the most useful applications in a few seconds and share them with others available on : https://mobile.renault-trucks.com/SelectedForYou (from your smartphone).
- NavTruck: The HGV dedicated GPS system available on the iPhone and Android.
- Deliver Eye: The application which makes it possible to send a geo-tagged photo in the event of delays or damage to goods.
- Renault Trucks Network: To find all sales and service points with a single click.
- Renault Trucks Racing: The truck racing simulation video game.
- Truckers Gallery:  To share a common passion via photos of trucks from all over the world.

Renault Trucks' applications are totally in phase with the Renault Trucks Deliver message. Initiated by the manufacturer several years ago, they are designed to revive a feeling of pride among those working in the road transport industry, particularly drivers, reminding them of the key role they play in today's society. Transport is one of the industries which has seen the greatest amount of modernisation over the last few years, with the introduction of the mobile Internet into drivers' everyday lives as revolutionary as the arrival of the Web in office environments. This is why Renault Trucks wishes to help them as much as possible, by supplying applications that satisfy their needs and meet their demands. This approach will be maintained for the future Smartphone applications of Renault Trucks.

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