The Renault Trucks network recruits 300 technicians

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The Renault Trucks network recruits 300 technicians

Three-hundred positions – this is the number of “after-sales technicians” that the Renault Trucks network intends to recruit in France from December 1st. They will join France’s biggest after-sales network for trucks. The network currently employs 5,000 people; its mission is to maintain and repair commercial vehicles and light commercial vehicles.

On December 1st, Renault Trucks’ informal group of dealers (GAC), which brings together the French manufacturers’ private dealers, launched a national recruitment campaign for 300 after-sales technicians. This campaign will run until to June 1st, 2012, and involves a variety of professions –mechanics, body workers, workshop supervisors, team leaders and repair diagnostic specialists. To apply, candidates must go to one of the Manpower agencies, call 02 40 13 41 72 or email

The profession of after-sales truck technician is not well known. It sometimes even suffers from a poor image. And yet for Anthony, 34, who spent 10 years in a conventional garage working on cars and a little on trucks, “it’s about a love for trucks”. That brought him to the Renault Trucks dealership in Châteauroux. “The engineering that a truck requires is nothing like what’s used for a car. Everything is bigger on a truck. The machines we use are of much higher performance and are more complicated to handle. And this means that in the end, it’s much more interesting for us, the mechanics. Furthermore, trucks today are full of new technology. At many points, such as the robotic gearbox or braking systems, trucks are much more advanced than cars!” he tells us. Today, Anthony doesn’t see himself going back to cars.

Nicolas, 28, is an after-sales technician working in diagnostics and 24/7 breakdown services. His story is a family story. “I was brought up in the world of trucks, because my father had a garage which prepared commercial vehicles.” Passionate about mechanics, he dabbles in everything that has an engine: motorbikes, cars and trucks. Following studies in after-sales maintenance, with commercial vehicles as an option, he walked into a Renault Trucks dealership in the North. What does he like about after-sales? “Contact with drivers: we have a professional to professional relationship, which at the same time is a very human one.” Nicolas also talks about the highly diversified nature of heavy-duty vehicles. “Even more so today than in the past, a truck is a complete and complex machine. As mechanics, we therefore have to be able to do a lot of different tasks: hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, automatic systems. As a result, the repairs that we have to perform are very varied, and no two days are alike.”

However, Laurent, 26, a diagnostics technician, came to commercial vehicles via electrical engineering. He had a diploma in electrical engineering, and turned up at a Renault Trucks dealership in the North because he was looking for a truck garage with a good reputation. Although at first he wasn’t that passionate about commercial vehicles, he was quickly “attracted by the diagnostic angle in the case of breakdown. The complexity of trucks brings us into contact with complex and varied breakdowns. And in my job, the more complicated the breakdown, the more interesting my day! And also, the electronics on these vehicles requires special knowledge and an understanding of IT systems. Furthermore, the advent of on-board computer systems on trucks allowed me to develop new skills in these areas.”

Today, the Renault Trucks network is the biggest in France, with 325 repair outlets. A total of 5,000 people work on a daily basis to maintain and repair vehicles, and thereby satisfy their customers.




The Renault Trucks network employs a team of highly trained professionals, all with the same motivation: to meet their customers’ expectations without delay, and provide the highest quality of service.

We invite you to bring your skills to a growing network that offers real development prospects. We want to give you the opportunity to join us and live out your passion for these techniques.

To apply, please send your application to: or call one of our national recruitment officers on 02 40 13 41 62.




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