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Renault Trucks is continuing to cover more and more areas of France and Europe with its Fast&Pro centres, to be in closer touch with its customers. There are now 94 of them in Europe, 53 of which are in France. The aim is to reach a total of 250 centres in Europe before the end of 2012. Totally dedicated to the sale and maintenance of LCVs, the Fast&Pro centres are designed for all professionals for whom a light commercial vehicle is an essential working tool and who need contact with specialists who understand the pressures they have to face. Before being authorised by Renault Trucks, each Fast&Pro centre must comply with a number of strict requirements, particularly concerning the dedicated personnel and their physical independence from the rest of the workshop. The latest centres to earn this qualification are located in Nantes (44), Ecquevilly (78) Coignières (78) and Laval (53) for France and in Leicester (UK) and Dordrecht (Netherlands) for Europe.

It is because there was no specific area for welcoming professionals using LCVs that, in 2005, Renault Trucks decided to launch its Fast&Pro centres. Now, these centres totally dedicated to selling and servicing LCVs can be found virtually everywhere in France and Europe. With the recently opened sites at Nantes (44), Ecquevilly (78), Coignières (78), Laval (53), Leicester (UK) and Dordrecht (Netherlands), there are now 53 Fast&Pro centres in France and 94 throughout the whole of Europe. More are being regularly opened and there should be 250 authorised centres in Europe by the end of 2012.
Every Fast&Pro centre is carefully vetted and must comply with a very strict set of conditions before being authorised by Renault Trucks. Wherever it may be located, customers must be certain of finding a specific area for LCVs, distinctly set apart from the rest of the dealership, and a dedicated team of experts, specially trained by Renault Trucks for the specific aspects of their activity and needs. They must also be sure of benefiting from extended business hours and the possibility of having replacement vehicles at their disposal to keep them operational while their own vehicles are being serviced.
Although the operating criteria for Fast&Pro centres are particularly strict, the concept itself can be adapted to a very wide range of situations. The investment needed and size of the workshops can, for example, vary considerably from one centre to another. The workshop can either be incorporated into the garage (as at the Laval site), or be housed in a completely independent building if the level of activity and geographical location allow (as at Nantes). Similarly, the requirements call for at least one inspection ramp in the workshop and at least one person dedicated to LCVs, but allow flexibility in terms of size depending on demand. For example, at Coignières, the Fast&Pro workshop has a full-time team of three and three inspection ramps, whereas at Laval, the workshop is incorporated into the dealership premises (although clearly separated by specific partitions), only has one ramp and one dedicated member of staff. But in every case, the quality of service, certified by compliance with Fast&Pro stipulations, will be the same for all customers, wherever they go.

A service for professionals, by professionals, Fast&Pro has been able to satisfy a strong demand from LCV users and earn their loyalty. By having an increasing number of centres throughout France and Europe, all complying with the same strict guidelines, this Renault Trucks service is now setting the standards for the entire market.

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