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The Renault Magnum "it's not magic discovery truck" back on tour again

Since 2010, Renault Trucks has been a partner to the "It's Not Magic Discovery Truck" inspired by the legendary truck featured in the TV show. The manufacturer makes a Renault Magnum truck available to the operation's organisers. Its trailer is fitted out like a science laboratory and enables children aged between 7 and 11 to discover the world of the five senses. The initiative's second tour was launched at the Villeurbanne (Rhône) Town Hall on 9 September with the show's hosts, Fred and Jamy.

After a highly successful first tour during which it visited 70 towns and welcomed 50,000 visitors, the "It's Not Magic Discovery Truck" set off from Villeurbanne on Friday 9 September for a new 2011-2012 tour. The Renault Magnum made available by Renault Trucks pulls a trailer fitted out like a science laboratory. Using an interactive approach, it enables children to discover the world of science in an entertaining way. Built around the five senses, the attraction is based on a problem to be solved and a motto to be found. The operation is open to young pupils on school days and to the general public (children accompanied by their parents) on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

In the course of this school year, the Renault Magnum will be calling in on some 80 towns.

The Internet site allows visitors to continue the experiments following their visit and get additional information about the five senses.  

With the "It's Not Magic Discovery Truck", Renault Trucks is continuing to demonstrate its engagement with young audiences via educational and entertaining operations. Since 2008, the manufacturer has also been a partner in the "Word Truck" operation which is designed to raise school and college pupils' awareness of the French language.

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