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With the Optitronic robotised gearbox now available on Premium Distribution vehicles, operators can look forward to fuel savings and smoother driving. Consumption is reduced by as much as 7%, with power ratings of up to 310 hp and a GCW of up to 19 tonnes, ensuring every activity in the distribution sector has a solution to meet its specific needs.

 The Optitronic robotised gearbox, initially available on Renault Midlum models, now has a tried and tested track record for smooth operation and fuel savings. It was therefore quite natural for Renault Trucks to adapt this gearbox to the second model in its Distribution range, the Renault Premium Distribution.

Renault Trucks offers the Optitronic 6AS 1000 robotised gearbox on all 4x2 versions of the Renault Premium Distribution: from 270 to 300 hp, with a GCW of 16t, 18t or 19t on up to 13 different wheelbases. This ensures that all distribution activities now have an extensive range of highly cost- efficient solutions to choose from.

The main advantage offered by this robotised gearbox is the 7% reduction in consumption delivered by the Premium Distribution. For a vehicle covering an average of 60,000 km a year, this can translate into savings of up to €750 a year, coupled with a cut in CO2 emissions of as much as 1.95 tonnes per year, per vehicle. Using the Optitronic robotised gearbox also reduces differences in consumption due to variations in driving style. When this is combined with the Renault Trucks Optifuel Programme service offering, which instructs drivers in economic driving and trains fleet managers to monitor consumption using Optifuel Infomax software, hauliers can benefit from the most efficient and easily-implemented means of generating sustainable fuel savings currently available.

The gearbox is designed to provide long-term reliability, in order to further reduce hauliers' operating costs. Its electronic control system protects the clutch and mechanical elements to optimise their life span, particularly by avoiding engine over-speeding, thereby limiting maintenance spending.

Finally, the Optitronic gearbox considerably improves driving comfort on the Premium Distribution. This provides drivers with a smooth driving experience at all times, with no loss of concentration, by means of the specially dedicated modes already developed for this gearbox:

  • An economical mode which calculates the best compromise between vehicle consumption and performance, automatically adapting to the operating environment as dictated by the load and road conditions   
  • A "manoeuvring" mode which increases vehicle movement accuracy at a very low speed, by associating the position of the clutch with the position of the accelerator pedal
  • A "kickdown" mode, which increases the vehicle's acceleration capacity
  • A temporary manual mode, for situations in which the driver wishes to modify gearshift strategy and which is de-activated when, for example, the speed regulator is switched on.
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