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The new Michelin X Energy SaverGreen range given an exclusive world premiere launch on the new Renault Magnum

Michelin unveils its new Michelin X Energy SaverGreen range in an exclusive world premiere launch on the new version of the Renault Magnum.
With this new, exclusive offering, incorporated into Optifuel Solutions, Renault Magnum once again reasserts its unique position on the Long Haul market.

Michelin became involved in Renault Trucks’ innovations programme at a very early stage with its new model designed for long haul transport applications. This partnership has allowed Michelin to make a significant contribution to the Renault Magnum’s overall energy efficiency. The Michelin X Energy SaverGreen tyres allow the vehicle to consume less fuel and therefore reduce CO2 and greenhouse effect gas emissions. This performance is becoming increasingly important for a sector of activity in which fuel (with its constantly rising prices) currently accounts for up to one third of haulier’s costs.
Michelin’s aim consists of not only contributing to the Renault Magnum’s environmental efficiency, but also to providing its users with greater safety. This safety is founded both on the toughness of the carcass and the high level of grip, even under inferior conditions (wet road surfaces).
On the one hand, the toughness and endurance of the Michelin X Energy SaverGreen’s carcass comes from its Infinicoil architecture, a Michelin Durable Technologies product. On the other, the gains in pulling power and grip have been made possible by the double wave sipes, also developed by Michelin Durable Technologies.

The Michelin X Energy SaverGreen range offers a combination of safety and lower operating costs by significantly reducing fuel consumption, while at the same time providing the longest possible tyre life. 

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