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The response to the new Renault Trucks merchandising collection, launched four months ago, has been very positive. Caps and key-rings are the best-selling products, while the Trucker line is the "most wanted". The greatest interest in this derived product offering has come from France and Germany, which have also recorded the highest sales. Since May, Renault Trucks has been offering a catalogue of brand related items divided into four thematic categories: "Trucker", "Passion", "Adventure", and "Truck Racing". Altogether, around 100 products are available to order from the e-commerce site

Launched in April 2010, the new offering of Renault Trucks brand derived goods has generated much enthusiasm from the general public and the first appraisal is, at present, highly positive. Very much in demand, over 8,500 caps and 6,300 key-rings have been sold, with sales in Europe dominated by German and French customers. The Trucker line of products is the most keenly sought after with total sales so far in the region of 14,000 items.

Designed mainly for road haulage professionals, the Trucker range of products is made up of 15 practical items which reflect Renault Trucks' modern spirit. These include T-shirts, bags, polar tops, pens and other accessories for enhancing drivers’ on-board comfort.

As the summer comes to an end, new Truck Racing line products will allow those who enjoy the thrills and excitement of the track, as well as Renault Trucks - MKR Technology team supporters, to wear their team's colours! This will bring Super Trucky, a new character from Renault Trucks used in an educational role, into the range of derived products with a key-ring that features him. Apart from the Trucker and Truck Racing collections, Renault Trucks is also offering its Passion and Adventure lines of products, all of which can be viewed and ordered on the dedicated site.

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