The Maxity electric tested in Sweden

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The Maxity electric tested in Sweden

Swedish companies Renova and Swedavia are always ready to try new ways of reducing their carbon footprint. And the Maxity Electric from Renault Trucks, with its zero direct local emissions, gives them a fine opportunity to test a new transport solution with less environmental impact. Swedavia, the largest airport operator in Sweden, was therefore happy to try out the Maxity Electric for a three-week period, using it to collect small, recyclable items of waste at Göteborg Landvetter Airport. On 19 September, the all-electric small truck was transferred to Renova, a company specialised in waste collection, processing and recycling, where its efficiency will continue to be tested under actual operating conditions until the end of September.

The success enjoyed by the Maxity Electric, the first all-electric urban delivery truck is continuing to grow. After the tests under actual operating conditions carried out by French companies such as Tafanel and Bruneau, it is now the turn of Swedish companies Swedavia and Renova to show an interest in this vehicle.

After arriving in Gothenburg, Sweden, at the beginning of September, a Renault Maxity Electric, with a panel van body and elevator tailgate, was operated for three weeks by Swedavia, the premier airport operator in Sweden. These trials, the very first in the Nordic market, enabled Swedavia to incorporate an all-electric delivery vehicle into its current organisation and assess how efficiently it carried out the tasks it was given. These consisted of collecting waste paper at Göteborg Landvetter Airport and taking it to the airport's central recycling container.

The success of the operation opens up a bright future for the Maxity Electric - it even attracted the attention of other companies operating at the airport site!

Renova took advantage of the Maxity Electric's presence in Sweden to also put it through its paces. Particularly since this Swedish company specializes in the collection, processing and recycling of waste for local authorities, aims to become the first company in Sweden to totally abandon reliance on fossil fuels. The Maxity Electric therefore appeared to be an ideal tool. During these trials, Renova used the Maxity Electric to clean and collect waste from recycling rooms in properties of central Gothenburg. This resulted in the Maxity Electric carrying up to 1 tonne of waste, including old furniture and large pieces of electronic equipment.

For the purpose of these tests, Renault Trucks teams trained two drivers in each of the partner companies, for this was the first time any of them had driven an electric truck. It was in fact an excellent first since everyone was impressed by the Maxity Electric's manoeuvrability, noiseless operation and acceleration capacity. Altogether, in the course of this test period, the Maxity Electric will have carried waste for Swedavia and Renova a total distance of 324 km without adding any local polluting emissions to the Swedish air - and in almost total silence!  


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