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The Kerax - spearheading Renault Trucks' market penetration in Asia

Acknowledged all around the world for its outstanding ground clearance and sturdiness, the Kerax is still underrepresented on Asian markets. Via its ATO (Asian Trucks Operations) subsidiary, Renault Trucks is becoming better known in this region via promotional operations and vehicle demonstrations. For example, the Construction Days 2011 attracted some 100 Asian customers who were able to test the entire Construction range for themselves. In early summer, six Renault Kerax were delivered to the Chinese company Xinjiang Military Water Conservancy and Hydropower Company, and a local dealer ordered a further 35 vehicles.

As a result of the work carried out by its subsidiary ATO (Asian Trucks Operations), Renault Trucks is beginning to penetrate Asian markets, particularly with the Renault Kerax. To make this flagship of its Construction range better known, as well as the other vehicles in the range, ATO and the manufacturer have been regularly organising promotional events and demonstrations of their vehicles. The Chinese region of Xinjiang, with all its mining and construction industries, was one of the first to be targeted by these operations.

It was during one of these events that the Chinese Xinjiang Military Water Conservancy and Hydropower Company had the opportunity of test driving the Kerax. The company managers greatly appreciated its dynamic qualities but also its low fuel consumption and therefore placed an order for six vehicles. These were delivered in the early summer of this year. At the same time, to meet the growing demand for the Kerax in the region, a local dealer, SVO, placed an order for 35 vehicles.

In the spring, the Construction Days organised by Renault Trucks in Lyon attracted around 100 Asian customers who were able to test drive vehicles under real life conditions on the Vallée Bleue test track. They were very favourably impressed, confirming the potential the Renault Kerax has to become better established on the Chinese market.

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