The ACMAT 4x4 CCFL by Renault Trucks previewed at the firefighters convention

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The ACMAT 4x4 CCFL by Renault Trucks previewed at the firefighters convention

Renault Trucks is breaking new ground by introducing a new Light Forest Fire Tender for fighting fires in their early stages, the ACMAT 4x4 CCFL. It is due to be given an exclusive preview presentation at the 118th Fire-fighting Convention held in Nantes from 22 to 24 September 2011, together with other vehicles from the Renault Trucks Fire-fighting range. This vehicle, with a GVW of 10 t, was designed in partnership with Acmat (a subsidiary of Renault Trucks Défense specialised in light defence vehicles) and the bodybuilder Gimaex. It combines mobility, pulling power and payload to enable fire-fighters to operate swiftly and efficiently under all circumstances.

Renault Trucks, which has long been working in partnership with fire-fighters, introduces the Acmat 4x4 CCFL, a new Light Forest Fire Tender. It has been developed in partnership with Acmat based on its well-known VLRA (Liaison Reconnaissance Support Vehicle), a light defence vehicle which has already been tried and tested for many years in the field of military operations. The Acmat 4x4 CCFL delivers the mobility and payload fire-fighters need, particularly for swiftly and efficiently putting out forest fires in their early stages.

This vehicle's most outstanding characteristic is its pulling power, for it can travel over every type of terrain, even the roughest, carrying a large quantity of water (2,400 L including 400 L for self protection) and with a GVW of 10 t. Its low height (2,418 mm), corresponding to fire-fighters' demands, gives it an advantage for negotiating undergrowth so that the vehicle can benefit from a high degree of mobility.

Fitted with a DXi 5 engine, the ACMAT 4x4 CCFL combines the very best technologies developed by Renault Trucks and Acmat. It is offered with a tanker and specific equipment designed by the bodybuilder GIMAEX. The chassis cab version on its own can easily be equipped by all bodybuilders specialised in fire-fighting equipment.

It will be serviced in the Renault Trucks network, to ensure fire-fighters benefit from the same quality of service as for a conventional vehicle.

This vehicle will be previewed at the Fire-fighters Convention held in Nantes from 22 to 24 September 2011. Renault Trucks will also be showing other vehicles from its Fire-fighting range at this event, in particular:  
• a Midlum fitted with a ladder developed by Camiva
• a Midlum CCF (Forest Fire Tender) with bodywork by Gallin featuring a "manhole" for fighting fires while driving  
• a Midlum FPT (Fire Tender) with its new extended cab.

The launch of the Acmat is planned at first in France, Africa, Magrehb and Middle East and secondly in the rest of Europe.

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