Ten Renault Maxity electrics for Greenway Services

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Ten Renault Maxity electrics for Greenway Services

After testing the Renault Maxity Electric for 15 days under actual operating conditions, Greenway Services has signed a long-term rental contract for 10 Maxity Electrics with Clovis Location Grand Paris. They will allow this firm specialised in carrying out deliveries using only electrically powered vehicles to grow in the Paris region and other major French cities. Sold in France by Renault Trucks, the Maxity Electric is available for long term rental. The vehicle handles in a very similar way to its internal combustion engine counterpart and a full charge only costs 2 euros!

After having tested the Renault Maxity Electric for 15 days under actual operating conditions, Greenway Services, a subsidiary of the Horus Finance Group, has signed a long-term rental contract for 10 of these vehicles with Clovis Location Grand Paris. These 10 Maxity Electrics will allow Greenway Services to continue its expansion and open new agencies in major French cities by the end of the year.

Greenway Services provides BtoB delivery services for all types of goods from single packages to whole pallets in Paris and the surrounding region. It stands out by offering "ecological urban deliveries", which means only using electrically powered vehicles for its deliveries. This allows Greenway Services to promise its customers goods transport with "zero polluting emissions and zero noise" as well as a "Carbon credit" for the CO2 emissions which are saved.

"The Maxity Electric seemed to us the ideal product for expanding our fleet," states Nicolas Morrise, the company's Delegate CEO. "Its payload, operating range and the fact that people holding a regular driving licence are able to drive it, all make it the best in its category at the present time. We also appreciated the very professional approach adopted by the Clovis Rent team who were attentive to our needs and able to create a spirit of partnership that we hope will develop on a broader scale."

Renault Maxity Electric is a vehicle which produces no atmosphere-polluting emissions or CO2 and generates no noise. It retains all its intrinsic qualities (mobility, easy body mounting, 2 tonne total payload, etc.), while at the same time significantly improving its environmental credentials. Fitted with a robotised gearbox and latest generation lithium-ion batteries recharged in 8 hours for around 2 euros a day (excluding rental costs), it has a top speed of 90 km/h with maximum torque available from start-up. However, to optimise battery performance, and in view of the assignments this type of vehicle carries out, customers may choose to limit its speed to 70 km/h when operating in urban environments. The optimisation of the electric motor, as well as the recovery of energy from braking, gives the vehicle an operating range of almost 100 km (for "dry product transport" applications). Despite having a GVW of 4.5 t, this vehicle can be driven in France with a regular driving licence due to an administrative dispensation. Apart from having fewer restrictions on its use, this means nothing is lost in terms of payload, the Renault Maxity's strongest advantage.

Clovis Rent offers "full service" 48 month contracts which include servicing, tyres, insurance, replacement vehicles, and more.  This formula has the advantage of relieving customers of the apprehension they may feel at the idea of adopting this new technology, in that Clovis Rent assumes all the risks associated with operating the vehicles (servicing, repairs, etc.) and will even provide a replacement vehicle, should the need arise.


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