Suez Environnement adopts Renault Trucks urban vehicles

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Suez Environnement adopts Renault Trucks urban vehicles

The Suez Environment Group has been won over by the variety of vehicles available in Renault Trucks’ urban range. This autumn, the Group signed a three year framework agreement - renewable for two additional years - for the supply of 7.5 to 26 t vehicles. Refuse collection vehicles, sweepers and other urban applications offered by the Midlum and Premium Distribution will now be listed by Suez environment for its activities in France, the United Kingdom, Poland and the Czech Republic. For more exacting applications, Suez Environment will also be able to count on the Premium Lander and Kerax models.

The agreement signed between Renault Trucks and Suez Environment establishes a long-term relationship between these two major players in urban mobility. Signed for a three-year period, which can be extended for an additional two years, this framework agreement allows the entire Renault Trucks urban range to be listed by the group in France, the United Kingdom, Poland and the Czech Republic. Suez Environment has even extended the choice of solutions offered to vehicles in the Renault Trucks Construction range. Its fleet can therefore now be renewed with Renault Trucks' Midlum, Premium Distribution, Premium Lander and Kerax models.

Renault Trucks' innovative approach in terms of urban logistics, summed up in a few words - "the right truck, with the right energy, in the right place at the right time" - combined with one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market, proved to be a convincing argument for Suez Environment. The refuse collection vehicles, street sweepers and other urban trucks available from Renault Trucks are all ideal for applications perfectly in line with the Group's activities.

Even better, the energy efficiency delivered by the urban transport solutions offered by Renault Trucks also corresponds to the Suez Environment Group's objectives in terms of reducing the environmental footprint made by its day-to-day operations. It will also enable the Group to anticipate the even more stringent regulations in this area likely to be imposed by major European conurbations.

Renault Trucks and the Group have been working closely together for several years. Renault Trucks supplies, on average, 250 vehicles a year to Suez Environment or its subsidiaries. One of these, SITA, even contributed to the development of the Renault Trucks' Clean Tech range by testing the brand's very first hybrid vehicle - the Renault Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech configured for refuse collection - under actual operating conditions beginning in 2008.

With its 79,554 strong workforce, Suez Environment is a world leader exclusively operating on all five continents devoted to activities associated with water and waste. The Group supplies 91 million people with drinking water, 61 million with waste water treatment services and also collects waste from almost 50 million people.


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