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STAF takes delivery of two new hybrid vehicles for deliveries to Simply Market supermarkets

STAF and Simply Market have been handed the keys to two new Renault Trucks hybrid vehicles. Both of the Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech trucks, one a 19 ton and the other the 26 ton model, are equipped with a cryogenic refrigeration system and a latest generation tailgate. The ground-breaking, silent-running vehicles were developed in collaboration with Chéreau, Thermo King and Dhollandia, and will be used to make deliveries to Simply Market stores in the Paris region.

On April 23, Kara Mendjel, STAF CEO, Hervé Huet, Simply Ouest’s managing director, and Dominique Mercier, logistics manager at Simply Market, received the keys to the two brand new Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech vehicles from Marc Martinez, managing director of Renault Trucks France, at a ceremony attended by Alain Guermeur, director of Chereau, Dwight Gibson, vice-president in charge of transport solutions at EMEIA Thermo King, and Marc Gamblin, CEO of Dhollandia France.

Simply Market, the supermarket chain belonging to the Auchan group, currently has over 300 stores in France. Traditionally located in the town-centre, the shops primarily sell food products, and have floor space of between 500 and 1,500 sq. m. Stocking 13,000 different items, many of which are chilled products, makes daily deliveries vital.
With a commercial strategy based on local customer relations, it goes without saying that Simply Market and its teams are keen to protect quality of life in the neighbourhood whilst at the same time providing a top-notch service. As part of its corporate social responsibility strategy, therefore, Simply Market is always seeking new ways to reduce all types of nuisance generated by its activities, and is committed to developing responsible logistics solutions. Today, in partnership with logistics company STAF, Simply Market has turned to hybrid technology to help achieve this objective, with two of the new Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech delivery vehicles, one 19 tons and the other 26 tons,  developed by Renault Trucks. Two cleaner (up to 20% less CO2), quieter vehicles that will be used for deliveries to stores in the Paris region.

Renault Trucks began developing hybrid vehicles in 2008, and they have been on the market since 2011, offering exactly the same reliability levels as their conventionally-fuelled models. Twenty are currently on the road and their owners are extremely happy with them.
The hybrid technology developed by Renault Trucks is perfectly straightforward: the vehicle’s kinetic energy is recovered during braking or deceleration and converted into electricity. The energy is then stored in traction batteries, which are completely independent and therefore never need recharging. It is used to drive the electric engine which powers the vehicle at the start of operation, and, when a speed of around 20 kph is reached, the Diesel engine takes over. From then on, it is only used during periods of least consumption, i.e. other than during start-up.
In addition to proven fuel savings of up to 20%, when in all electric mode this hybrid technology also reduces local noise pollution.


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Picture 2 (from left to right): Kara Mendjel, STAF CEO ; Dominique Mercier, logistics manager at Simply Market ; Marc Martinez, managing director of Renault Trucks France

Picture 3 (from left to right): Kara Mendjel, STAF CEO ; Dominique Mercier, logistics manager at Simply Market ; Marc Martinez, managing director of Renault Trucks France ; Philippe Saudo, managing director of AuchanSuper ; Saïd Benkaïda, head of transport for Transports Simply Market Ouest

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