Sitting behind the wheel of a race truck on iPad in HD

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Sitting behind the wheel of a race truck on iPad in HD

After the success of the Renault Trucks Racing application for iPhone, which has already been downloaded over 220,000 times, Renault Trucks has brought out a high definition version for iPad. A warning to fans of racing thrills: due to the size of the screen in HD, this new version offers a whole gamut of sensations! As a major actor in the European truck racing championship, Renault trucks wants to share its passion for competition through this video game.

Committed to “Truck Racing” since 2007, Renault Trucks is familiar with the truck racing world. As the team winner in 2010 and vice-champion in 2011 with MKR Technology, Renault Trucks has been able to whip up some substantial enthusiasm amongst its customers and the public. To extend the experience and introduce more people to this exciting world, in 2009, the manufacturer developed a video game called Truck Racing by Renault Trucks, for PC. The objective was to simulate the experience of being behind the wheel of a racing truck, recreating the ambience of truck racing, and allowing players to enjoy sensations similar to those experienced by drivers.

The game, which has been continually enhanced since its launch, has been a real success, with over 450,000 downloads since 2009. Truck Racing by Renault Trucks can be downloaded from In 2011, an iPhone version came out, which was an enormous success with over 220,000 downloads already.

Today, Renault Trucks is going further and exploring new platforms. The Renault Trucks Racing game for iPad can be downloaded from for €1,59. The Renault Trucks Racing applications for iPhone and iPad are available free of charge from December 1, 2011 to January 31, 2012 to celebrate the Christmas period.
As its predecessor, this driving simulation game for iPad is based on the actual performance of our trucks. The use of high definition gives even greater visual reality, and the big iPad screen enhances the sensations players experience.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, welcome to the world of truck racing on board a vehicle with over 1,100 hp, racing at 160 km/h. To take up the challenge, three levels of difficulty, (“training”, “race” or indeed “championship”) and three different circuits are on offer. Players can then choose their vehicles. One of the three official Premium Course racing trucks of the MKR Technology team, or one of the five Premium Course racing vehicles created for the occasion.

Before getting started, it’s as well to familiarise yourself with the vehicle using the free trial function. To get your first victory, you just have to wake up the racing driver in you, and not allow yourself to be put off by your opponents. But careful as you go...  you can so easily come off the track!

This new version of the video game confirms Renault Trucks’ presence on new communications platforms. All the applications proposed are part of Renault Trucks’ global strategy. They are adapted to all uses, with some designed as a practical aid to road transport professionals in their day-to-day lives (Deliver Eye, NavTruck, Selected for You); others are for a wider audience, for sharing (Photo Albums for drivers) and others still for leisure (Renault Trucks Racing).

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