INSA Lyon and Volvo Group sign the Academic partner program convention Renault Trucks and the school firm up their cooperation

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INSA Lyon and Volvo Group sign the Academic partner program convention Renault Trucks and the school firm up their cooperation

On Thursday December 17th, Jan-Eric Sundgren, Environment and Public Affairs Director of Volvo Group, of which Renault Trucks is a subsidiary, will be in Lyon to hand over an Academic Partner Program certificate to INSA (national applied sciences institute). This certificate officialises the close collaboration between the institute and Renault Trucks and opens up new partnership perspectives.

The Academic Partner Program of Volvo Group, which includes Renault Trucks, defines the forms of long term cooperation between the second biggest European commercial vehicle manufacturer and outstanding universities and research institutes throughout the world. Through it, Volvo Group is recognising the know-how of its university partners and showing its desire to develop fruitful exchanges in clearly identified cooperation fields. To date, three universities have received the label in Sweden, including Chalmers, and there will soon be one in the US. INSA, Lyon will be joining this highly select club today, becoming the first APP-labelled French school. For Stefano Chmielewski, CEO of Renault Trucks, “The Academic Partner Program will strengthen cooperation between Volvo Group and INSA.

It shows our recognition of INSA Lyon’s academic excellence and formalises our commitment to a strategic long term partnership which will strengthen the competitiveness of both Volvo Group and our university partner. INSA Lyon is one of the leading engineering schools in Europe. Each year, almost 1,000 engineers graduate from there. Today, over 150 of its former students work at Renault Trucks, and primarily in Lyon. In 2008 and 2009, the French manufacturer welcomed almost 40 work experience trainees from its prestigious ranks. For the academic year 2009-2010, two theses are currently being prepared and directly concern Renault Trucks (“Safety and dynamic optimisation of vehicles” and “Optimisation of energy storage systems in commercial vehicles”).

Working alongside INSA, Renault Trucks is contributing to the different phases of university life, whether at the time of student induction at the beginning of the year, for lessons or conferences or indeed recruitment interviews. The truck manufacturer is also a member of the Master Enterprise association; in this capacity, it is contributing to defining the content of the specialised masters in environmental management and industrial safety. It is also involved at the time of student selection and during their courses. The links between Renault Trucks, the biggest private employer in the Rhône-Alpes region and INSA, a major ‘grande école’ in the Lyon area, both have a solid past. On Thursday December 17th, with the signing of the Academic Partner Program (APP) convention, these links will be institutionalised. This convention announces strengthened cooperation on research on the one hand and the recruitment of future engineers on the other.

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