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The new Renault Trucks competition vehicle is quite unlike any other. Batman? Darth Vader? You could be forgiven for wondering who is going to climb out of the cab! The Renault Trucks Halle du Design teams have certainly pulled out all the stops on this one - with its indomitable looks, dual tone profile and trapezoid air dam, the Renault Trucks Premium Racer is bound to impress the other contenders. Which is exactly what it is designed to do - take part in the European Truck Racing Championship. And win!

What was it that inspired the Renault Trucks designers at the Halle du Design? Appearing to come from somewhere in between the worlds of Darth Vader and Batman, the new Premium racing truck certainly succeeds in surprising everyone. No one in Europe has ever dared to enter a racing truck in the European Championship with a design like this. We take a closer look at this unique style produced by a young designer, Antonio Lo Ré, working under Hervé Bertrand, Director of the Renault Trucks Halle du Design (HDD).

The new truck racing partnership between Renault Trucks and MKR Technology has enabled the whole team to start from scratch and rethink the vehicle's design in a new light to create a new Renault Trucks Racing identity. Mario Kress, a huge enthusiast of the Formula Truck Brazilian Championship, in which the competitors try to outdo each other with their eccentric designs, encouraged Hervé Bertrand’s team to go all out. A message that certainly got home to everyone as their ideas and sketches moved towards a truck with increasingly assertive and indomitable features that would echo their sole aim - to create a design expressing the determination to win.

From an architectural viewpoint, the truck complies with the competition's fundamental rules: an optimised production vehicle with the lowest possible ground clearance. The front stands out for its contrast between the smooth, clean lines of the upper part and the lower section with its huge trapezoid air intakes. The transition between the two is provided by a perforated radiator grille and headlights which seem to come out of nowhere. All of which adds up to a truck with a commanding "stance" on the road ready to swallow up its rivals!

The energy put out by the truck is also enhanced by the colour code adopted. This has been designed to reflect Renault Trucks Racing's new identity and the ambition generated by the manufacturer's alliance with MKR Technology. This is why the predominance of dark grey, a neutral colour symbolising technological prowess, is highly contrasted with the bright red of the front air intakes and radiator grille frame.

This energy is also expressed in the truck's rear. The wings incorporated into the side fairings extend the vehicle's dynamic lines. While the trapeze shaped air exhausts emphasised in red definitively proclaim that this truck belongs to the world of "winners".

But a racing truck's design doesn't stop with its appearance. The choices made by the Halle du Design teams can also be explained by technical and regulatory considerations, and will be perfected throughout the season. The wide openings are designed to optimise front and rear brake cooling. Similarly, the front bumper's low 130 mm ground clearance cuts turbulence to a minimum. However, since FIA rules forbid any aerodynamic assistance, the front and side fairings have been perforated to counteract any undue advantage.

With its perfect pedigree and atypical design, the Premium Racer demonstrates Renault Trucks' powerful commitment to Truck Racing and its determination to satisfy truck enthusiasts and the brand's customers by an impressive presence on the track - and results that match its ambitions!

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