Second Magnum meeting

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Second Magnum meeting

On December 2nd a key moment in the celebration of Magnum’s 20 years of success came when Renault Trucks opened the doors of its head office in Lyon. Truck drivers and owner-drivers had been invited to attend after being chosen by competition. They were able to proudly show off their Magnums before setting off on a remarkable convoy to the Solutrans trade show at Eurexpo. The programme also included a VIP visit to the Fondation Berliet Museum, an American themed evening and various Lyonnais meals.

Following a photo competition on the website, 30 truck drivers and owner-drivers, all of whom use Magnum as their truck of choice, were chosen to visit the Renault Trucks head office in Saint-Priest in the Lyon area (Rhône-Alpes) for a day.

They were welcomed at dawn by the Renault Trucks France team, and parked their Magnums along the main avenue of the manufacturer’s site, forming an impressive guard of honour opposite the management offices. They then set off for the Fondation Marius Berliet Museum in the Ain (Rhône-Alpes), just an hour from Lyon. For the younger drivers, this was an opportunity to discover the trucks that have marked their respective eras. For the less youthful, it brought back many memories of the trucks that they themselves had driven. For everyone, there was a palpable emotion to entering this temple of history. Back in Saint-Priest, lunch featured some typical Lyonnais specialities.

After lunch, the drivers visited the tractor-trailer retrospective, “Become Part of the Legend with Renault Magnum”, which has been on show at the open days of different Renault Trucks dealerships. Some drivers had the pleasant surprise of seeing their own portraits as legendary Renault Magnum drivers on the walls of the trailer.

The convoy of 30 Renault Magnums set off in the middle of the afternoon. They were headed for the exhibition centre and the Solutrans show. Escorted by the local police, the shiny, decorated Magnums were a joy to behold for those drivers that saw them arrive. Once in place, with their horns blaring, they occupied the main roundabout in front of the Eurexpo entrance, exclusively reserved for Renault Trucks for the occasion.

In the evening, they were all invited to the Lyon TruckerShow party, where there was definitely an American flavour to things. The next day, the festivities were closed with a tasting session with mâchon lyonnais, a local cold pork spread washed down with beaujolais, organised on the Renault Trucks stand. Road transport enthusiasts swapped stories before heading back out onto the road.

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