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For Renault Trucks, 2010 has seen an overall increase in its sales and indicators which have gone back into the "green", with a total of 44,938 vehicles invoiced, which is 26% up on the previous year. However, the recovery is still slow and fragile, with significant differences between countries. Despite this difficult climate, Renault Trucks has continued to invest (€130 million since 2009) at its production plants in France to secure its future and that of its 14,000 strong workforce, of which 10,000 are employed in France.

In addition to these figures, 2010 was a year of triumph for the manufacturer with its victory for the Premium Long Distance in the Fehrenkötter Test (after 3 years of operational trials with this German haulier) and its European Truck Racing Championship crown.

Renault Trucks also implemented its "putting the right truck in the right place with the right energy" philosophy by developing its Clean Tech vehicles (electrical, hybrid and NGV) as well as by deploying Optifuel solutions on all the vehicles in its range. The aim being to continue reducing its vehicles' consumption - together with their CO2 emissions - even further.

For 2011, Renault Trucks aims to continue in this direction so that it can increase customer satisfaction even further and give everyone in the road haulage industry renewed pride in their profession, since the role they play in our societies is absolutely vital.

As a responsible truck manufacturer, Renault Trucks offers its customers reliable, high-performance products which have a reduced impact on the environment. This is achieved by applying Optifuel solutions to optimise Diesel vehicle consumption as well as developing Clean Tech vehicles running on alternative energies (electricity, hybrid or NGV). Renault Trucks is proud of the mission accomplished by hauliers and will always be there to support and assist them. The job they do is essential for very fabric of our societies, since 80% of all goods transported are carried by trucks. The bread on our tables can only get there by truck!

Although the crisis in the commercial vehicle world is not yet over and marked differences between countries persist, Renault Trucks' results for 2010 do allow us to be cautiously optimistic. However, we should not forget that sales in 2009 fell by 50% compared with those in the previous year. 2010 closes with the total volume of vehicles invoiced standing at 44,938, which represents an overall increase of 26.2%.

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