Road safety – a key priority for Renault Trucks

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Road safety – a key priority for Renault Trucks

As a major player on the roads, with 80,000 trucks registered each year throughout the world, Renault Trucks takes road safety very seriously indeed. From active and passive safety equipment enhancements to the development of electronic vehicle-control aids, innovation is the cornerstone of the manufacturer’s research endeavours.

Surveys show that 38 %  of French motorists believe that trucks are the main source of risk on our roads. Yet, while the number of trucks involved in accidents decreased six-fold between 1980 and 2006, the number of kilometres travelled by trucks has not ceased to climb.

Renault Trucks sells close to 80 000 trucks every year and the constructor works tirelessly to ensure that its trucks not only fulfil their required missions but guarantee the safety of their operators and other users of the road.

Inform, avert, protect and alert; these four guidelines drive the research strategy deployed by the constructor to ensure that its vehicles are among the safest on the road. Renault Trucks has engineered and fitted its trucks with the very best in active and passive safety equipment such as anti-lock brakes, electronic brake systems, dynamic stability control and underrun protection systems.

The constructor’s work does not stop there. In the future, road safety will rely heavily on intelligent transport systems. Numerous projects are already being run in conjunction with French and European public authorities as well as with road infrastructure operators to enable vehicles to communicate with infrastructures to maintain or modify their routes, to communicate with other vehicles to respect adequate safety distances, or to offer proper assistance to drivers.

These are just some of the projects undertaken by Renault Trucks and the findings it wishes to share with the general public to eliminate certain misconceptions and rebuild the image that is widely held about heavy vehicles!

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