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Renault Trucks won a tender of 190 vehicles in Qatar

Renault Trucks recently won a tender from Doha, the capital city of Qatar, for 190 vehicles of the Renault Trucks C and Renault Trucks D ranges. This could make Renault Trucks market leader in Qatar by the end of the year.

Renault Trucks won last January a bid launched by Qatar’s Mechanical Equipment Department (MED). This is an especially remarkable deal, one of the largest tenders issued by Doha’s MED, and the first time ever it has been awarded exclusively to one truck supplier, over 22 competitors.

The vehicles, 180 Renault Trucks C 320 rigids 4x2 and 10 Renault Trucks D 18t rigids 4x2 will be equipped with compactor bodies with a respective capacity of 16 m3 for the C range and 12 m3 for the D range. They will be delivered over the coming next 12 months.

Renault Trucks’ teams around the world have been working on this offer since August 2013, when Doha’s MED first published the tender. The result of this strong international teamwork was announced in January 2014, and could make Renault Trucks market leader in Qatar.

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