Renault Trucks will be presenting its solutions to reduce consumption and CO2 emissions at the Pollutec show

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Renault Trucks will be presenting its solutions to reduce consumption and CO2 emissions at the Pollutec show

With hybrid solutions offering up to 30% lower CO2 emissions, and even zero emissions with electric, Renault Trucks’ alternatives to diesel are varied and effective. The manufacturer will present its full range of solutions at the Pollutec show (December 2nd to 5th) (Hall 5 – Aisle AN - stand 85).

To meet the challenge of the energy and environmental crises that are having such an impact on the transport world, every sort of energy alternative has to be taken into consideration.

Renault Trucks already proposes a complete range of vehicles powered by alternative energy sources. The manufacturer is determined to change the world of road merchandise transport, and is increasingly convinced of the fact that a single solution does not exist. All-diesel will only be replaced by combined technologies and solutions adapted to the needs of different merchandise road transport types.

Renault Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech: consumption and CO2 emissions down by as much as 30 %
After undergoing tests in real operating conditions since October with SITA (Suez Environnement) in the Lyon urban area, the Renault Trucks Hybrid technology becomes reality in the form of the Renault Premium Hybrys Tech. The technology cuts consumption and reduces CO2 emissions from vehicle and equipment by as much as 30 %. Built for urban distribution applications, the vehicle is cleaner and quieter as it is powered by an electric motor. The first production units will be released at the end of 2009.

CNG offering from Renault Trucks: proven alternative solutions
Compressed natural gas vehicles are comparable with their diesel-engine counterparts in terms of driving and performance characteristics, but in addition, they produce no smoke or particles and are much quieter. These are just some of the arguments that explain the growing appeal of CNG vehicles, and the reasons why Renault Trucks, in alliance with its technical partner PVI, is developing a special range geared for the distribution sector.

Electricity: an interesting option
Electricity is now emerging as a serious and feasible alternative for transportation. From an ecological viewpoint, this energy produces no pollutant emissions or CO2. There is also no sound pollution because electric vehicles are silent. The electric motors developed by PVI, a Renault Trucks partner, do more than just comply with legislative environmental requirements. Their operating range is defined on demand, in order to provide total efficiency in urban areas.

Vehicles presented:

- Renault Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech - Refuse Collector

- Renault Maxity Electrique (concept truck)

- Renault Premium Distribution CNG – Refuse Collector

- Renault Midlum - Roadsweeper

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