Renault Trucks Strasbourg installs a photovoltaic roof on its Fast&Pro workshop

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Renault Trucks Strasbourg installs a photovoltaic roof on its Fast&Pro workshop

Renault Trucks knows how to reconcile eco-friendly initiatives, innovative offers and high quality customer service. This has been demonstrated once again at the new Fast&Pro workshop in Strasbourg (France). This facility, covering 370 sq. m., has now been fitted with 160 sq. m. of photovoltaic panels on its roof using discreet architecture to ensure they blend harmoniously into the environment. Set up in 2006, the Fast&Pro network enables LCV owners to benefit from Renault Trucks' extensive HGV expertise applied to their needs in terms of advice, sales and aftersales.

Inaugurated on 2 October, the new Renault Trucks Strasbourg Fast&Pro workshop is now covered by 160 sq. m. of photovoltaic roofing. Facing due south, the photovoltaic cells have been directly incorporated into the roof's waterproofing membrane and are able to operate under optimal conditions, with annual production estimated at 9,000 kWh. This configuration also makes it possible to prevent the installation from impinging on the landscape. The installation cost some €70,000, and will be paid for over time by the sale of the electricity it produces.

This local initiative illustrates Renault Trucks' broader determination to limit the impact its activities have on the environment. Apart from innovative solutions for reducing CO2 emissions generated by the trucks themselves, between 2003 and 2008, RT cut its energy consumption per vehicle produced by almost 50%. By modernising its plants and installing solar or photovoltaic panels on its buildings, the company is investing in the energies of the future (for more details, see the "Renault Trucks reduces its energy consumption and develops renewable resources" Press Release dated 7 October 2009 on

The Renault Trucks Fast&Pro concept has been designed to meet the specific needs of professional LCV owners - which are not necessarily the same as those of private customers and can be significantly different from those of HGV operators. This involves providing a sales and customised maintenance service entirely devoted to light commercial vehicles. The purpose is to ensure that customers - tradesmen, builders or parcels service operators - can be confident of finding an area entirely dedicated to their vehicles when they go to a Fast&Pro workshop, offering quality and standards endorsed by Renault Trucks. To date, there are currently 72 Fast&Pro labelled sites operating in Europe, of which 42 are in France. The aim is to increase this number to 250, with 130 in France, by the end of 2012.

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