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Because corporate and educational spheres are so closely connected, Renault Trucks has made a long-term commitment to schools, helping students define and develop their professional objectives. The signature of a partnership agreement between Renault Trucks and the ECAM in Lyon on 21 December was an illustration of this commitment. The French truck manufacturer will be helping student engineers on a day-to-day basis in a variety of ways which include making presentations in the school, launching research and development projects or providing guidance and advice.

On 21 December, Gérard Amiel, HR Director of Renault Trucks, and Didier Desplanche, Managing Director of the Lyon ECAM (Catholic School for Engineering and Technology), signed a partnership agreement to assert their mutual determination to build interaction between them and establish a long-term relationship. To develop professional and people skills and also provide a greater understanding of its activities, the manufacturer will be contributing to the school curriculum throughout the year in various different ways. For example, these will include "research and development" projects given to groups of student engineers, work experience opportunities or simulated interviews carried out by Renault Trucks staff members.
With this agreement, the ECAM joins the list of other schools that have entered into a partnership with Renault Trucks, highlighting the manufacturer's determination to pursue its policy of fostering School/Company relationships. There are currently 36 ECAM graduates on the Renault Trucks staff, working in a wide variety of sectors which include production, design and also management. The ECAM is an engineering school based in Lyon offering a five-year course in general engineering which is well-known for the research potential provided by its three laboratories specialising in Energy & Heat, Materials and Lean Management. At the same time, Renault Trucks has been supporting the ECAM team in the Shell Eco-Marathon race for several years and also belongs to the Manufacturers' Club which contributes to defining the school's strategic priorities.

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