Renault Trucks committed to helping children better understand the world of trucks

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Renault Trucks committed to helping children better understand the world of trucks

As a designer and manufacturer of commercial vehicles, Renault Trucks is keen to raise awareness on trucks, explaining the role they play in our economic lives and contributing to road safety education. In order to do this, the company is involved in several initiatives targeting children.

Because youth is the future, Renault Trucks quite naturally wanted to be involved in the “Camion des Mots” (Word Truck) operation where the truck as a practical, useful and irreplaceable vehicle, is explained in full. Designed for the 8–15 age group, the operation is intended to raise awareness amongst young people to the French language by inviting them on-board a truck. Once inside, accompanied by their teachers, they can do quizzes on PCs, “playing with French” and discovering the subtleties, traps and other oddities of the French language.

The truck used is a new-generation Magnum, a flag carrier for the brand and the reference in top-of-the-range vehicles. It complies with the Euro5 standard which is highly demanding in terms of polluting emissions, limiting the truck’s impact on the environment. Renault Trucks has loaned the truck to the organisers for a period of 3 years. With it, the operation is highly mobile and can criss-cross France, meeting children in over 130 towns. The Word Truck is a perfect illustration of the role of the truck and how it helps us in our day-to-day lives. Renault Trucks is particularly attached to the fact that this role should be known and in this particular case, that it should contribute to young people’s understanding of the French language.

Very committed to the educational part of its duty as a good citizen, Renault Trucks also offers educational kits to teachers entitled “living with the giants of the road”. They are designed to raise awareness amongst primary school pupils as to the world of the truck; preaching preventive road safety. In it, teachers are provided with a class book with 12 educational data sheets which address the various truck-related themes, plus a poster illustrating the role they play in the process of manufacturing a yoghurt. It also presents the limitations of trucks (such as size and lack of visibility) and explains ways in which children can reduce the risks of being near one. The purpose of the exercise is to allow them to be autonomous through an understanding of the various dangers.

Renault Trucks is convinced that by introducing very young children to trucks and the role they play in the economy, explaining their inherent limitations linked to size and giving crucial safety advice so that everybody’s safety can be improved, our roads can be shared intelligently between by the different users.

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