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Given a preview airing during the Le Mans 24 hour Truck Race last year, the limited edition Magnum Route 66 generated a great deal of enthusiasm among the spectators and customers. Jean-Pierre Kermarrec, an owner-driver from Brittany, is the very first to have purchased one. He was presented with the keys during a recent visit to the Bourg-en-Bresse plant, where he also had the opportunity of watching his vehicle roll off the production line. Symbolising the American legend and evoking the US “Mother Road”, the Magnum Route 66 is enjoying huge success. After being exclusive to France, it is now available in several European countries: Germany, Spain, Portugal, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

An extension of the Renault Trucks "Route 66" operation during which two Magnum vehicles drove the length of Route 66 between Chicago and Los Angeles, the Magnum Route 66 limited edition is proving to be extremely successful with customers. And on Friday 10 September, owner-driver Jean-Pierre Kermarrec received the keys of the very first production model.

The Breton owner-driver, accompanied by his wife on the visit to the Bourg-en-Bresse plant, was able to watch the Magnum Route 66 he had ordered a few weeks earlier taking shape as it moved along the assembly line. He was even able to climb aboard when it rolled off the line and take it for a brief – and highly memorable – spin on the plant’s test track. Following this rare opportunity, Christian Lalo, the site manager, Frédéric Laurent, Renault Trucks France network assistant Sales director and Patrck Mercier, sales advisor at the Rennes Kertrucks dealership, had the pleasure of officially presenting him with the keys to his vehicle, the Magnum Route 66 N°1!

Jean-Pierre Kermarrec has been driving Magnums since 2007, ever since he started his business and bought a Magnum Vega (already a limited edition!) on the advice of Kertrucks.  Won over by the ergonomics of the dashboard, the flat floor, the features offered by the Optidriver+ gearbox and the reliability of his Magnum, he has stayed faithful to it ever since.

When he heard about the Route 66 version, he didn't wait long: "I love fine mechanics and design," he explains. "So when I found out about it, I wanted to give myself this little treat as it was an offer that combines everything I like and found appealing in the Vega limited edition: the design, ergonomics, superb mechanics and above all, the fact that it's a Magnum!" A member of the Renault Trucks Driver Club, which brings together the brand's most loyal customers, Jean-Pierre Kermarrec makes return trips from Rennes to Lyon several times a week.

Designed for real enthusiasts, the Magnum Route 66 boasts a distinctive exterior decoration featuring a metal grey colour typical of American tanker trucks, a winged Route 66 logo on the doors, specific "Diamond Brite" aluminium rims, chromed radiator grille and an aluminium air tank. The American dream is very present inside as well, with the exclusive anthracite grey upholstery fabric and a red Route 66 logo echoing the door logo.

As far as equipment is concerned, Magnum Route 66 has been fitted with the best of everything for swallowing up the kilometres: this includes the Optidriver+ gearbox, the Excellence Pack with a CD MP3 Bluetooth radio, under-bunk refrigerator, Multipass cab and swivelling passenger seat.  On the mechanical side, the Magnum Route 66 is available as a 4x2 tractor with a DXi 13 Euro 5 engine and three ratings for customers to choose from: 440 hp, 480 hp or 520 hp.

After being launched in France, Magnum Route 66 is now available in several European countries:  Germany, Spain, Portugal, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.


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Captions :

Picture n°1, from left to right : Miss Kermarrec, Mr Kermarrec et Mr Christian Lalo (Bourg-en-Bresse Site Manager).

Picture n° 2 et 3 : Mr Jean-Pierre Kermarrec.

Picture n° 4 : Mr Jean-Pierre Kermarrec et Mr Patrick Mercier (Kertrucks sailor).

Picture n°5, from left to right : Miss Kermarrec, Mr Patrick Mercier (Kertrucks sailor), Mr Frédéric Laurent (Renault Trucks France sales and network assistant manager ), Mr Christian Lalo (Bourg-en-Bresse Site Manager) et Mr Kermarrec.


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