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Renault Trucks proposes the new robotised Optitronic gearbox on the Midlum

Renault Trucks is extending its Distribution range with a whole new offer of robotised gearboxes, configured to respond to the specific needs of the delivery business. User comfort and reduced operating costs are the key features of the Optitronic on the Midlum, available from today.

The delivery business, especially in urban areas, requires manoeuvrable, economic and easy-to-use vehicles. With Renault Midlum and Premium Distribution, Renault Trucks’ distribution range is the perfect fit. To bring depth to its product range, Renault Trucks is launching the new Optitronic robotised gearbox on the Midlum.
To develop the range’s two new 6-speed robotised gearboxes, 6AS800 on Midlum 220 and 6AS1000 on Midlum 240 and 280, Renault Trucks has capitalised on its know-how from the Optidriver+ box, already recognised for its efficiency in the Long-Haul and Construction ranges.
Renault Trucks has prioritised user comfort when adapting to the needs of the distribution trades. To allow the driver to remain focused on his driving and manoeuvres, several modes have been developed, in particular:
• An “economy” mode which calculates the best compromise between consumption and vehicle performance and adapts automatically to the conditions of use according to load and road conditions;
• A “manoeuvre” mode that increases the positional precision of vehicle at a very low speeds by linking the position of the clutch to the position of the accelerator;
• A “kick-down” mode that allows you to build up the vehicle’s acceleration capacity;
• A “temporary manual” mode, for situations where the driver needs to keep control of the gearbox, which shuts off when the cruise control is put on or a pedal depressed.
The ergonomic shift on the Optitronic gearbox is fixed to the steering wheel and all relevant data (eg: the mode or gear in use) are posted on the digital control panel to simplify the delivery-driver’s work.
As a complement to the mechanical and automated gearboxes already available, delivery companies will benefit with the robotized gearbox Optitronic on Midlum from a global offer for reducing their operating costs.
The performance of the new gearboxes is the fruit of an ongoing strategy to find the best compromise between consumption and mobility, using the motor to its optimum performance.
Beyond that, the very design of the gearbox ensures perfect reliability over time: with the electronic control system, the clutch and the gearbox’s mechanical parts are protected and their service life optimised; also, the engine is prevented from running too fast. The maintenance budget is also reduced. Ease of use makes training drivers quicker, securing good profitability.
To guarantee flawless quality from the first deliveries onwards, fifteen Midlums fitted with the Optitronic box are currently being driven some 500,000 km across Europe by “test” hauliers. Optitronic on Midlum is available as of now.
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