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Recently launched on the German market, the Renault Trucks pre-scheduled and centralised Start&Drive maintenance contracts will be presented on the Renault Trucks stand during the next IAA motor show in Hanover in September 2010. This contract gives customers both peace of mind and operational availability for their vehicles, enabling them to focus all their attention on their haulage assignments.

The Renault Trucks Start&Drive centralised maintenance and repair contract offers have just been launched on the German market. They are designed for customers who want to be spared any unpleasant surprises while at the same time keeping their maintenance budget under control over the long term and enjoying maximum availability of their vehicles.

Customers define the length of time and kilometrage covered by their contract, from 2 to 5 years and up to a total of 800,000 km, depending on the range of vehicles. Two versions of Start&Drive are available, reflecting customer needs. Both cover maintenance, wear and incidentology. Start&Drive "Performance" covers maintenance operations (oil drain and regular servicing), 24/7 assistance throughout Europe with breakdown repair and towing, driveline repairs and compulsory vehicle checks. Start&Drive "Excellence" offers the same coverage plus the replacement of parts subject to wear and repairs to all parts of the vehicle.

Throughout this period, a fixed monthly payment allows customers to plan their servicing and maintenance costs over the long term. Maintenance and the replacement of parts subject to wear are carried out at the same time to limit vehicle downtime. Since this regular maintenance is carried out in the Renault Trucks network, unforeseen incidents which could immobilise vehicles are less frequent. Also, this is a much appreciated "plus" when the time comes to resell the vehicle.

Start&Drive is part of the genuinely proactive approach to maintenance adopted by the Renault Trucks network. It means that the repairer manages customer vehicle or vehicles maintenance on their behalf, getting in touch with them when an operation is necessary. The network is also able to update the scheduling according to actual vehicle use - allowing customers to keep totally focused on their haulage assignments and only on their haulage assignments.

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