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After the success of the first edition of the Optifuel Tour, Renault Trucks is once again heading out on the roads of France and seven other European countries. Its objective remains the same: meeting its customers and presenting Optifuel Solutions to them in a very practical way and demonstrating the associated consumption and maintenance benefits. The casting is the same: Renault Trucks’ cost management and economical driving experts, trucks from the Long Distance, Construction and Distribution ranges, through dynamic tests accompanied by Renault Trucks dealers. The caravan will have six stop-offs in France (Strasbourg, Bourges, Bourg-en-Bresse, Rodez, Bordeaux and Toulouse) from April to June and fifteen in Europe (Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Germany and Italy). This new Optifuel Tour season and the 250 companies already signed up to the Optifuel Programme (i.e. more than 11,000 drivers trained) reinforces Renault Trucks’ position as the market leader in fuel savings.

Optifuel Tour in France

On the back of the success of the Optifuel Tour in 2009, Renault Trucks is continuing the venture and will once again be heading out to meet its customers from April to June 2010 to present its innovative fuel consumption reduction solutions. Six dealerships will host the Optifuel Tour:

-Groupe RTCE Strasbourg: Strasbourg (67) on April 21st

-Groupe Brunaud: Bourges (18) on May 5th

-Groupe Bernard Trucks: Bourg-en-Bresse (01) on May 19th

-Groupe Barriac: Rodez (12) on May 26th

-Groupe Renault Trucks Aquitaine: Bordeaux (33) on June 2nd

-Groupe Alvarez: Toulouse (31) on June 23rd

Customers of Renault Trucks’ dealers will attend an Optifuel Solutions presentation: Optifuel Technologies and Optifuel Programme (Optifuel Training for rational driving, Optifuel Infomax for consumption measurement and analysis software of different driving styles, and the Optifuel Programme Club, with exclusive access to a website allowing companies to roll out their own fuel saving plan). Technical workshops will be run by experts: extraction and interpretation of Optifuel Infomax data, use of X Energy Savergreen tyres supplied by our partner Michelin…

Finally, customers will have an opportunity to put Renault Trucks’ economic driving recommendations into practice during dynamic road and quarry tests.

During the Renault Trucks 2010 Optifuel Tour, nine Euro 5 vehicles will be available to our customers:

Distribution range
- Midlum Optitronic 220hp 12t 4x2 van
- Premium Distribution 380hp 6x2 van

Construction range
- Premium Lander 460hp tractor+ semi-tipper
- Premium Lander 430hp 6x4 bi-tipper
- Kerax 480hp 8x4 bi-tipper
- Kerax 460hp 6x4 bi-tipper

Long Distance range
- Premium Optifuel tractor 460hp
- Premium Route tractor 430hp
- Magnum tractor 520hp

All vehicles will be equipped with robotised gearboxes (Optidriver+ or Optitronic depending on the range used).


Optifuel Tour in Europe

In parallel with the French tour, Optifuel Tour will travel Europe hosting fifteen or so events in Spain and Portugal (April and May), Belgium, Holland and Luxemburg (June), Germany (end of June – beginning of July), and in Italy (September).

In all, almost 1,600 customers will be getting a taste of Renault Trucks Optifuel Solutions.


Optifuel Solutions

Optifuel Solutions is a global product and service offering which accompanies hauliers in their fuel-saving drive to reduce costs over the long term. It comprises the following elements:

Optifuel Technology includes the best Renault Trucks fuel saving  technologies available (SCR, robotised Optidriver+ or Optitronic gearbox, automatic engine stop, new Euro 5 DXi 11-litre and 13-litre engines) but also those of its partners Michelin and Renault Trucks OiIs.

The Optifuel Programme offers a complete programme of services derived from Renault Trucks team know-how to address this first challenge. It gives a haulier all the tools and know-how he needs to secure immediate and long-term fuel savings. It includes a rational training course (Optifuel Training), measurement software (Optifuel Infomax) and access to an exclusive website (the Optifuel Programme Club). This is the easiest and most profitable service to be put in place in aid of long-term fuel savings.

Offering theoretical and practical training in rational driving, Optifuel Training takes place over two days. It is delivered by Renault Trucks experts who are specialists in this area and targets monitors, fleet managers and mentor drivers. Of course, it applies then to all drivers of the fleet. It includes the installation of and training in specific measurement software.

Optifuel Infomax software, created by Renault Trucks, allows the customer to extract vehicle consumption data and analyse the driver’s driving style according to the vehicle’s mission. In very simple terms, through colour coding, it highlights gaps compared to fleet averages. Using these data, the fleet manager can initiate actions to optimise fuel consumption for the whole fleet. Also, objective statistics tend to improve communications between drivers and managers.

After the training, Renault Trucks accompanies its customers over the long term with access to the Optifuel Programme Club, a website serving as an extension to the training. The company can find all practical advice from experts, good practices and tools to roll out their fuel savings plans on a day-to-day basis.

Optifuel Programme is developed for the Long Distance, Construction and Distribution ranges. It targets companies of all sizes and from all sectors. It has been a big success in France and Renault Trucks is now deploying the range Europe-wide. For example, it has already secured some success in Poland.

Since 2008, over 250 companies from different transport sectors have signed up to the Optifuel Programme in France. This accounts for a population of around 11,000 drivers. The programme is favoured by the users, and brings practical results. It can secure fuel consumption gains of up to 15% over the whole of a fleet.


Renault Trucks today and tomorrow

As a designer and manufacturer of commercial vehicles, Renault Trucks offers the most comprehensive range of products and services on the market and commits as a citizen company to the major challenges of the 21st century such as the environment, mobility of merchandise, road safety and social dialogue. The French manufacturer is fully committed to defending merchandise road transport.

Renault Trucks offers its customers vehicles through four product ranges, each adapted to their different needs. The Delivery range (2.7t to 4.5t) with Trafic, Master and Maxity; the Distribution range (7.5t to 19t) with Midlum and Premium Distribution; the Construction range (18t to 42t) with Premium Lander and Kerax and finally the Long Distance range (26t to 60t) with Premium Long Distance and Magnum. Through its subsidiary Renault Trucks Défense, Renault Trucks also designs and assembles military vehicles.

With a constant ambition to accompany its customers before, during and after purchase, the company offers a wide range of services: 24-hour assistance, a maintenance contract (Start&Drive), specific repair workshops (Fast&Pro for light commercial vehicles), a warranty extension (Expandys), maintenance packs, a rental service (Clovis Rent), financial services (Renault Trucks Financial Services), IT programmes enhancing consumption management (Optifuel Infomax) and economic driving training (Optifuel Training).

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