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For Renault Trucks, keeping pace with customer demands is an ongoing process throughout the life of the vehicles they buy. This is why the aftersales team is constantly adapting its service to meet their needs and expectations. Currently, all vehicle operators are looking for more economical solutions, adapted to the specific characteristics of their activities and environmental considerations. Renault Trucks' latest innovations include a range of fuel filters designed for each generation of vehicles, a new brake pad offering better suited to different kinds of vehicle applications and extensions to the Renault Trucks eXchange offering, particularly a new range of brake callipers.

Renault Trucks' aftersales service offers solutions geared to each category of vehicles already in operation. By developing multiple offerings, particularly in the form of kits and with a range of unit exchange options available, it enables customers to reduce maintenance costs for their vehicles, while also being able to benefit from original manufacturer spare parts. Bearing the Approved Parts label, these original spare parts guarantee customers the quality, safety and availability they demand, since they are covered by an international guarantee valid in over 100 countries and can be obtained at 1,500 sales and service outlets worldwide. Furthermore, the latest offerings are able to improve currently operated vehicles' ecological performance, allowing operators to use them in certain protected zones.

A Euro III fuel filter
Renault Trucks offers its customers a fuel filter specially designed for Euro III vehicles, making it unnecessary for customers to invest in a more costly Euro IV filter, thereby reducing vehicle maintenance costs.

A broader choice of brake pads
Renault Trucks has extended its brake pad offering with a range of "long distance use" brake pads. These are designed for customers operating vehicles (Premium Long Distance or Magnum Euro II and Euro III) fitted with a retarder on "easy" routes. These have undergone stringent tests, just like brake pads for more demanding applications, guaranteeing their quality and safety.

A constantly growing Renault Trucks eXchange (unit exchange) offering
By remanufacturing, rather than changing certain units (engines, gearboxes and subassemblies), the eXchange offering gives them a second life and reconciles hauliers' needs to cut costs with the environmental necessity of recycling truck parts. This offering is being extended with new additions to the range.

All these various aspects of the aftersales service allow Renault Trucks to adapt to its customers' diversity and broad range of needs. It enables them to reduce their costs, while at the same time ensuring they enjoy a very high level of quality and are able to respect current environmental standards.


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