Renault Trucks delivers 200 Premium Route Long Distance to Turkish haulier Mars Logistics

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Renault Trucks delivers 200 Premium Route Long Distance to Turkish haulier Mars Logistics

Renault Trucks has delivered 200 Premium Long Distance to the Turkish company Mars Logistics. These vehicles were purchased to renew part of the existing fleet of 500 vehicles which are 100% Renault Trucks. Mars Logistics specialises in logistics freight and has chosen to place a further order with the French manufacturer. The vehicles are 18-ton Premium Long Distance 460hp, equipped with the Optidriver+ robotised gearboxes.

The Turkish company Mars Logistics has just taken delivery of 200 18-ton, 460hp Premium Long Distance, equipped with the Optidriver+ gearbox. 100 of these units were purchased to replace older vehicles in the fleet whereas the remaining 100 units were acquired as an expansion reached to a fleet of 500 vehicles which is already exclusively Renault Trucks. The manufacturer is proud to see Mars Logistics choosing Renault Trucks again having tested the long term quality and reliability of the vehicles in its existing fleet. “We are sure that we have made the right choice” explains Garip Sahillioglu, CEO of Mars Logistics, “Our road transport department is crucial to the transport service we provide to our customers and this new acquisition will allow us to improve it further still.

With a reputation for its road-use qualities, the Premium Long Distance is also the most energy efficient vehicle in its category. This characteristic, which is crucial for hauliers, was demonstrated in particular during the comparative test between the seven brands on the European market organised by the German transporter Fehrenkötter and Transaktuel magazine in September 2010. After three years of tests under real-life operating conditions, the Premium Long Distance was recognised as the cheapest to use and the truck with the lowest consumption.

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