Renault Trucks launches the second edition of the competition to find the mechanic of the year !

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Renault Trucks launches the second edition of the competition to find the mechanic of the year !

For the second year in a row, the European challenge to find the best mechanic in the Renault Trucks network is under way. After a succession of increasingly technical selection trials, the best from each country will be meeting in Lyon in June 2009 for the European final !

Developing technical expertise, improving service quality, giving a sense of pride to the mechanics and experts from Renault Trucks’ European network are the objectives of the latest edition of the European “Mechanic of the Year” award.

After the success of the first edition and the victory of the Dutch team, further countries have signed up for the challenge in 2009. Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Italy, UK, Romania and Turkey… a record of 15 countries will be picking out their best team between now and March 2009 to take part in the big European final in Lyon in June 2009.

The selection process is by teams of two, with a mechanic and an expert from Renault Trucks’ approved European distributors and repairers network. Electronic configuring of vehicles, rapid repairs, repairs to mechanical units, diagnostics, documentation search, technical skills and knowledge about competitors’ vehicles will be put through the mill at each stage of the selection process.

The competition is being organised by Renault Trucks International Training, the brand’s vocational training centre. The 21 training centres are there for all members of the commercial network but also their customers. Each year, the centres train over 20,000 learners throughout the world in the different areas of their activities: maintenance and repair, product upgrades, diagnostics, team management, workshop management, etc…

As a complement to these courses, the Mechanic of the Year competition is designed to stimulate the operational excellence of Renault Trucks network mechanics, which is surely the best guarantee of high-quality service for our customers, wherever they might be in the world.

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