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When a truck works on a worksite or in a worksite approach situation, it needs to be operational whatever the weather conditions or terrain. In many cases an “all wheel drive” solution is needed. Although technically appropriate, this solution represents additional cost – and fuel consumption in particular – for customers who do not really need such features every day. Hence Renault Trucks’ launch of a new product on Premium Lander. The new OptiTrack offers temporary 4x4 drive configuration, up from the conventional 4x2 configuration, and brings all the inherent advantages just when needed, without the financial and practical inconveniences.

Worksite approach in every circumstance for Premium Lander OptiTrack
Whilst the main mission of Premium Lander is worksite approach, it sometimes has to venture out onto difficult terrain. And particularly during bad weather, the Premium Lander sometimes has to get out of tricky situations, requiring temporary all-wheel drive. It is for this reason that Renault Trucks has launched the Premium Lander OptiTrack equipped with a system to switch from 4x2 mode to 4x4 mode thanks to two hydraulic motors integrated into the wheel hubs. This switch is made by simply pressing a button on the dashboard. Available as of 0kph, in forward and reverse gears and up to 30kph, the OptiTrack system offers all the advantages of all-wheel drive when it is really necessary, without incurring the additional costs inherent to such a configuration. Indeed, compared to 4x4, the transporter gains 490kg of payload at each rotation and reduces consumption by at least 10% thanks to the replacement of the front axle by a hydraulic feed axle.
Another advantage: in spite of its 4x4 mobility, the Lander OptiTrack offers the same level of comfort as a road vehicle and a fifth wheel height identical to that of road vehicles, which brings real flexibility with trailer use. It should also be noted that OptiTrack can be delivered either with manual or Optidriver+ robotised gearboxes, with all the inherent fuel consumption, comfort and efficiency benefits.
As a real alternative to all-wheel drive, OptiTrack is an ideal solution for worksite approach vehicles where road vehicles are occasionally used in all-terrain situations on worksites or agricultural sites, for example.

Renault Trucks’ OptiTrack solution offers an alternative to conventional rear wheel drive and conventional all-wheel drive formats. The principle is an additional self-disengaging hydrostatic traction solution on the drive axle powered by two hydraulic motors integrated into the wheel hubs.
By broadening its Construction range in worksite approach with the Premium Lander OptiTrack, the manufacturer once again demonstrates its technical know-how and ability to meet its customers’ expectations with useful and effective solutions which reduce the cost of their operations whilst increasing their profitability.

Pictures captions :

1. Presentation of Optitrack in use : with OptiTrack (top) and without OptiTrack (bottom)

2. Presentation of Optitrack in use

3. How the system works

4-5-6 : focus on the hub where OptiTrack is installed

7 : oil cooler of OptiTrack (in black) et tank of semi-tipper hydraulic kit


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