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Because a test drive is more persuasive than a long sales pitch, Renault Trucks is inviting its customers to come and try out its Construction range vehicles for themselves during a series of "Construction Days". These will give each customer or future customer the opportunity of testing these vehicles' qualities under real operating conditions on an "off-road" track. Particular attention will be focused on two recent additions to the range - the Premium Lander 8X2*6 and the Premium Lander OptiTrack. This initiative takes Renault Trucks out to meet its European customers and demonstrate its expertise to them.  For the UK, these days will be organised on 11 and 12 May 2010.

In partnership with Bridgestone, Renault Trucks is inviting its European customers to come and test drive vehicles in its Construction range under real operating conditions throughout the spring and into the summer, on the "off road" test track at Vallée Bleue in Montalieu (38).
The first events took place at the beginning of April for customers in Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia and Slovenia. The next events will take place on:
- 20 and 21 April for customers in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.
- 27 and 28 April for customers in Italy.
- 4 and 5 May for customers in Turkey
- 11 and 12 May for customers in the United Kingdom
- 1 and 2 June for customers in Denmark and Finland
- 8 and 9 June for customers in Germany.
- 15 and 16 June for customers in Poland and the Baltic states
- 22, 23 et 24 June for customers in France.
- 29 and 30 June for customers in Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Slovakia

The vehicles available for test drives are: Kerax 6x4 and 8x4 vehicles, all fitted with the Optidriver+ robotised gearbox, as well as two new models designed for construction site supply: the Premium Lander 8x2*6 and the Premium Lander OptiTrack tractor.
Customers will also have the opportunity of test driving two vehicles that took part in the Cape to Cape expedition: the "rally-raid" Kerax 6x6 and the "Cape to Cape" Sherpa.

Launched in Spring 2009, the new 8x2*6 version of the Premium Lander further asserts this vehicle's position as the market leader for site supply applications. This is because it can handle payloads of up to 500 kg more, offers greater manoeuvrability with a 12.5% tighter turning radius and above all, consumes up to 10% less fuel than an 8x4 vehicle.
Available on Premium Lander "tractor" configurations, the OptiTrack version gives worksite drivers additional traction to negotiate difficult terrain or operate more securely in snowy conditions by simply pressing a button on the dashboard and switching to "all wheel drive". OptiTrack allows drivers to benefit from the many advantages of all-wheel traction when they really need it and, the rest of the time, enjoy greater driving comfort and lower consumption without any alteration to chassis height. The Renault Trucks OptiTrack solution is available from 0 km/h, and can be used with ZF manual or Optidriver+ robotised gearboxes without any PTO restriction on the gearbox.
A further advantage is that, compared with a conventional 4x4 transmission, hauliers gain an additional 490 kg payload on each trip and reduce their fuel consumption by at least 10%. This is achieved by replacing a front drive axle and mechanical transfer box by a hydraulic feed axle.
In between test drives, customers will be given information about Renault Trucks' Optifuel Solutions adapted to reduce consumption on Construction range vehicles. These combine a number of different elements:
- Optifuel Technologies (latest generation Euro V engine, Optidriver+ robotised gearbox and SCR)
- Optifuel Programme (Renault Trucks' exclusive service delivering immediate and sustainable fuel savings with the Optifuel Training + Optifuel Infomax + Club Optifuel Programme package).

Optifuel Training: instruction in rational driving provided by Renault Trucks specialists.Optifuel Infomax: the fuel consumption and driving style analysis software.Club Optifuel Programme: exclusive access to an Internet site enabling companies to organise a fuel saving plan).

The Optifuel workshops will be led by Renault Trucks experts in fuel savings. Bridgestone, the tyre manufacturer partnering these Construction Days, will make its contribution via a workshop on its products and aftersales network.

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