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For Renault Trucks, working closely with its customers also means providing a range of useful, practical objects carrying the Renault Trucks brand. Jackets, model trucks, scarves, onboard accessories and so forth are designed for all those who feel some attachment to the brand. This year, Renault Trucks has chosen to renew its range of branded objects, organised by its design team, under 4 headings: “Trucker”, “Passion”, “Adventure” and “Truck Racing”. Whether amateurs or real fans, adventurers or truck racing followers, there is something for everybody! The manufacturer boasts a single catalogue of over 100 references, which are available throughout the Renault Trucks network worldwide. The catalogue can be accessed on

2010 is the big year for the complete renewal of the Renault Trucks brand. With a new visual identity and new values, the revamp heralds a major change in our merchandising range. Renault Trucks’ brand new catalogue lists over 100 references of objects that can be accessed via the manufacturer’s worldwide network or the dedicated website:

Renault Trucks has identified four domains which represent its brand and in which everybody can find their particular interest. Trucker, Passion, Adventure and Truck Racing are the names of the merchandising ranges put together by the Renault Trucks’ design team by Brandon Company, a Puma subsidiary, which has already worked in the automobile sector.

Trucker: Fifty or so practical products mainly intended for professionals of the road which represent the modern side of Renault Trucks: T-shirts, fleeces, caps, bags, key fobs, model trucks and onboard accessories: thermo mug, LED torch, beach towel, etc.

Passion: Resolutely design-oriented, the Passion collection has attracted particular attention both its exquisite detail and the quality of the materials used. It is an ideal gift range which includes pens, watches, wallets and umbrellas discreetly and elegantly symbolising people’s attachment to the Renault Trucks brand.

Adventure: Reserved to the white-knuckle riders amongst us, the “Adventure” universe comprises a range of accessories inspired by adventures initiated by Renault Trucks such as the Silk Road and Cape to Cape. Jackets, backpacks, Davy lamps, sleeping bags, all-terrain bottles for people to take out on their own adventures to the ends of the earth!

Truck Racing: As its name suggests, this product line primarily targets aficionados of truck racing. It carries the colour codes of Premium Course and is based on the events and competitions in which Renault Trucks is involved. A special touch has been brought to this new collection which will be available from September. There are 12 product references including T-shirts and key fobs carrying the brand’s colours.

Through these four new collectors’ categories, Renault Trucks intends to share its passion for trucks and the values of the brand with as many people as possible. And ordering is simple: go to your Renault Trucks dealership, or follow this link to the website

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