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Renault Trucks launches the "turnkey" ready-bodied Maxity breakdown vehicle

To meet a growing demand from customers for "Turnkey" vehicles, Renault Trucks is now offering five new Maxity "car transporter" configurations to meet the specific needs of garage operators and breakdown service providers. These ready-bodied vehicles will be available on demand throughout the Renault Trucks France network until 1 July 2011. This is an operation which meets needs expressed by the manufacturer's customers. It is backed by the long and fruitful partnership Renault Trucks has enjoyed with five bodybuilders who are thoroughly familiar with the market. These are: Besse & Aupy, Equip’men, Fiault, Gaubert, and Omars.

Renault Trucks France is running its "Maxity Breakdown Service" operation until 1 July 2011. Featuring vehicles with "car transporter" bodies, this initiative is mainly aimed at garage operators and breakdown service providers. By choosing these ready-bodied versions, customers no longer need to be concerned about having bodies fitted and waiting for them to be completed. The vehicle is immediately available in the Renault Trucks France network - demonstrating the manufacturer's commitment to serve customers more easily and efficiently. 

The models concerned are all Renault Maxity vehicles available with a choice of three engine solutions: 130 hp with a 5 speed gearbox, 130 hp with a 6 speed gearbox and 150 hp with a 6 speed gearbox and the same level of finish but also including the "dynamic" pack, the "extreme cold" pack, air-conditioning and radio. Customers can then choose the "car transporter" body which is most suitable for their needs: sliding flatbed, sliding and tipping flatbed, electrical or hydraulic winch, with or without remote control, etc. The five bodybuilders (Besse & Aupy, Equip’men, Fiault, Gaubert and Omars) are long established Renault Trucks partners totally familiar with this market. 

We should also mention that these ready-bodied offers also include a 3 year - or 100,000 km - Expandys manufacturer warranty extension. Furthermore, each one of them is supplied with a Tom Tom GPS unit which is particularly useful for emergency breakdown operations.

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