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Renault Trucks invites students to discover the professions of its industry

As part of the “Bravo L’Industrie” operation initiated by the trade bodies of the metallurgy sector industry, Renault Trucks is welcoming 15 students from the “learning about the workplace” option at Vénissieux’s Aragon Secondary School to its Vénissieux site in order to help them discover the world of work and the exciting professions of the truck sector.

On November 26th, and for the second year running, Renault Trucks signed a partnership with Aragon Secondary School in Vénissieux whose purpose is to demonstrate to 14 year-old pupils the professional opportunities that exist in the industry and in particular in the commercial vehicles field.

On March 31st, the pupils were at Renault Trucks attending a technology course given jointly by their own teacher and a maintenance technician from the Vénissieux engine plant. The pupils will immediately see practical application of what they have learnt: a fine illustration of the results of a collaboration between the education authority and industry!

Throughout the school year, different activities have been arranged by the manufacturer: meetings with members of the company to learn more about their jobs, site visits, lessons organised on their premises on practical cases, compilation of a Renault Trucks professions guide for the numerous school groups which come each year to visit Renault Trucks’ industrial sites.

At the end of the year, the “Bravo L’Industrie” trophy will reward the best project carried out in the company by secondary school children from the region participating in the operation.

By increasing the number of initiatives targeting young people and the education authority, Renault Trucks is seeking to demonstrate the dynamic nature of this industrial sector which is constantly seeking candidates for the professions it will have to offer in the future.