Renault Trucks’ image in Germany rewarded by the trade press

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Renault Trucks’ image in Germany rewarded by the trade press

Renault Trucks has been awarded top spot in a brand image survey commissioned by the specialist magazine Verkehrsrundschau in the “delivery vehicle importer” category.

In Autumn 2007, at the request of the German weekly Verkehrsrundschau, the market survey agency, TNS Emnid, interviewed 400 fleet managers working for transport companies, industry and commerce.

The aim of the questions was to assess the major LCV manufacturers and their products and services on the LCV segment in the following categories : image, brand awareness, quality and reliability of the products, customer care, price, value for money, recommendations, quality of management and communication.

The diversity of models that feature in the Renault Trucks delivery range was highlighted by the magazine. With a strong range, the brand provides numerous solutions to the sector.

During the official awards ceremony on February 14th in Munich, Renault Trucks Germany’s country manager, Harold Franke, received the trophy for first place in the “delivery vehicle importer” category. It was presented by the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, Verkehrsrundschau, Anita Würmser and the President of the association international automobile manufacturer’s association VDIK association, Volker Lange.

Renault Trucks Deutschland GmbH is in charge of distributing the vehicles of the brand in Germany.  To this effect, the company imports and sells the Renault Trucks’ ranges via its 11 dealers, 4 subsidiaries and 5 offices and provides its customers with  a widespread repair and maintenance network. The total sales of Renault Trucks for 2007 on this market amount to 3.107 vehicles, corresponding to an increase in volume of 33 % compared to 2006.

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