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Renault Trucks will have a high profile at the Brussels International Motor Show which opens on 15 January 2011 at Brussels Expo. The French manufacturer will be exhibiting in the Truck & Transport section (Hall 12, stand 12.03) dedicated to commercial vehicles, where it will be presenting its Optifuel Solutions, together with  OptiTrack and Premium Optifuel, a unique package on the market combining both a vehicle and rational driving instruction in a single package. In addition, for the first time ever, Renault Trucks will also be exhibiting in the Van Auto Moto show dedicated to light commercial vehicles which will be taking place at the same time (Hall 6 stand 6.10). Here, it will be putting the spotlight on its Fast&Pro concept specifically dedicated to the sale and maintenance of LCVs, the chassis-cab version of the new Master and the all-electric Maxity.

Due to a lack of any specific space dedicated to professionals using light commercial vehicles, in 2005 Renault Trucks launched its Fast&Pro centres which it will be highlighting at the Van Auto Moto show in Brussels from 15 to 23 January 2011. These centres, currently numbering 96 throughout France and Europe, are entirely dedicated to the sale and servicing of LCVs. This network is constantly being extended and there should be 250 labelled centres in Europe by the end of 2012. On the stand, visitors will also be able to see rear wheel drive and chassis cab versions of the new Master, as well as the all-electric Maxity, a "zero noise" and "zero emission" vehicle scheduled to be launched on the market during 2011.

At the same time, Renault Trucks will be exhibiting at the Truck & Transport show which is being held at Brussels Expo from 15 to 18 January. Dedicated to heavy duty commercial vehicles, this will give Renault Trucks the opportunity of highlighting its Optifuel Solutions, a set of simple and efficient solutions expressly designed to significantly reduce fuel consumption. In particular, these will be illustrated by the Renault Premium Optifuel, the only offer of its kind on the market which combines a truck with an instruction programme that delivers fuel savings of 6.4%, a result which has been certified by the TÜV, an independent measurement body.

Another new feature on the Renault Trucks stand will be the OptiTrack system presented on the Premium Lander. This enables a 4x2 vehicle to temporarily benefit from a 4x4 drive by means of two hydraulic motors located in the wheel hubs. By opting for this system, customers gain in weight, payload and consumption. Finally, the stand will also be displaying vehicles from the Renault Trucks range as well as the Premium Racetruck which enabled the MKR Technology - Renault Trucks team to become the European Truck Racing Team Champions for 2010.

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