Renault Trucks fighting on all fronts for road safety

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Renault Trucks fighting on all fronts for road safety

From France to Argentina, Turkey or Czech Republic Renault Trucks is on the front line raising awareness amongst hauliers and truck drivers on road safety. And to do this, Renault Trucks is increasing the number of partnerships in which it is involved, making vehicles available for teaching purposes or training drivers. From the smallest light commercial vehicle to the biggest long distance truck for hazardous material transportation, Renault Trucks is willing to influence as many people as possible.

France - A Renault Master for the Minotaure Training Centre

Renault Trucks and Minotaure have once again joined forces in the name of road safety. Having made a Renault Midlum available in 2003, the users of Minotaure road safety centre will now be able to learn to control a Renault Mascott 150 hp in all situations, but most importantly, completely safely.

The Minotaure Centre in Voreppe (Isere, France) has, since 1984, been offering accident prevention training to the public in cars in its technical centre comprising 4 tracks which allow as many as 80 accident scenarios to be practised. Thanks to Renault Trucks, these courses are now to be extended to include occasional or regular drivers of light commercial vehicles (LCVs).

Any holder of a “B” category driving licence can drive an LCV, even though this type of vehicle clearly does not handle like a car. Its volume, sometimes high centre of gravity and overall weight of up to 3.5 tons, all require a particular type of driving.

Argentina - A Renault Midlum for the “Itinerant educational programme on road safety”

Because Argentina is the unfortunate record-holder for the number of deaths caused by road accidents, with 8,000 cases per year, Renault Trucks Argentina is taking part in a vast national road safety campaign along with the Argentine Automobile Club (ACA), and the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).

In order to raise awareness amongst as many people as possible, Renault Trucks Argentina has made a Renault Midlum available to the ACA and is covering all driver costs. It is equipped with a trailer which has been fitted out for the purpose as a classroom for 30 students. It will also transport a mini circuit and training cars for children as it travels all over Argentina over a period of 18 months.

France - A Renault Premium Long Distance for hazardous materials transport training

The hydrocarbon transport accident prevention association (APTH) received a brand new Premium 450 Euro5 tractor on September 11th for basic and advanced driver training in the hazardous materials transport field.

Controlling speed, anticipating risks, getting rid of bad habits and dislodging prejudices are some of APTH’s missions, which each year receive 2,800 trainees for theme-based modules. Whether theoretical, practical, adapted to individual company situations or needs, their objective is to meet regulatory requirements for all operators and ensure that drivers follow training courses which correspond to their actual activity.

Turkey – 2,000 drivers trained in road safety

Renault Trucks Turkey has been cooperating with the Auto-Drom road safety centres in Turkey since 2007 to provide free training for 2,000 Turkish drivers in road safety. On the agenda: discovering the safety functionalities on an especially-equipped Magnum tractor and driving in hazardous weather conditions, with each driver receiving a training certificate at the end of the session. Through this initiative, Renault Trucks is helping drivers to comply with a future law that will make road safety training compulsory for all HGV drivers.

Czech Republic – Renault Trucks CZ signs the European Road Safety Charter

As part of its membership of the European Road Safety Charter signed in 2008, Renault Trucks CZ has fixed the target of reducing road accident rates by 25% involving Renault Trucks drivers in the Czech Republic. This involves respecting the highway code, safe and rational driving, training on active and passive safety features on the vehicles, etc… To date, 200 Renault Trucks drivers have been trained within the dealer network.


By actively supporting such practical initiatives, Renault Trucks is giving new momentum to road safety, very much in line with numerous other projects and partnerships in which the manufacturer has been involved over many years in this field.  “Vehicle – Infrastructure” communication or communication between vehicles with its SafeTunnel and Chauffeur2 projects as well as accident analysis with CEESAR (European study centre for safety and risk analysis), are all designed to ensure that people can use the roads under the safest possible conditions !

For more information on Renault Trucks research in road safety, consult the information pack entitled “Road Safety, a priority for Renault Trucks” which is available on the website

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