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Renault Trucks extends its coverage in Italy by opening two new sales and service outlets. Located in the Genoa and Bergamo regions, Renault Trucks aims to give its brand a higher profile in the north of the country. These two sites were inaugurated to coincide with the official presentation of the new Master throughout the Renault Trucks network in Italy.

In March, Renault Trucks celebrated the opening of two new sites in northern Italy, Bergamo Veicoli Industriali and Vama. The first of these sales and service outlets is part of the Perazzi Group, which already operates two Renault Trucks sites in the vicinity of Milan and Piacenza. The second, in the province of Genoa, belongs to the CVR/REVI group, heralding a new partnership with the dealer Vama, 25 years after the two companies first worked together. It joins the company's three other dealerships in Milan, Varese and Alessandria. These inaugurations clearly demonstrate Renault Trucks' determination to expand its network throughout the country.

With respective surface areas of 3,600 sq. m. and 1,600 sq. m., the Bergamo Veicoli Industriali and Vama sites offer extensive maintenance and repair workshops, as well as showroom areas allowing the entire Renault Trucks range of vehicles to be displayed. These new sales outlets also offer a broad choice of services, adapted to each vehicle type. This allows customers to benefit from customised service in their local area, together with swift, round-the-clock assistance.

Bergamo Veicoli Industriali is located in a strategic zone with almost 4,800 businesses active in the transport sector, operating a total of over 23,000 heavy duty and light commercial vehicles. This new sales and service outlet will be a showcase for the Renault Trucks Construction range, with the facilities to display Kerax and Premium Lander products to best advantage and a sales target of some 150 vehicles this year. In addition, Bergamo Veicoli Industriali has made the most of the new Master's launch on the market to extend its LCV offering. The site will also be developing a comprehensive used vehicle business, which includes repairing these vehicles before they are resold.

The inauguration of the Vama site also coincided with the official launch of the new Master. In fact, the main thrust of its activity is focused on LCVs, which are used for most professionals' core activities in the province of Genoa where Vama is located. This new facility will be adding an assistance service to its already existing sales outlet, enhancing Renault Trucks' positioning in northern Italy and enabling it to play a more significant role in its sector.

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