Renault Trucks and its Maxity electric at the french mayor's and local authorities' show

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Renault Trucks and its Maxity electric at the french mayor's and local authorities' show

Every year, the Mayors’ and Local Authorities’ Show attracts elected French politicians seeking solutions to problems concerning the management of their institutions. Through the technical solutions that the French truck manufacturer is able to bring them, and the latter currently has 70% of the market share for local authority vehicles, Renault Trucks is a major partner. Today, the authorities are looking closely at environmental solutions and Renault Trucks will be presenting the 100% electric Renault Maxity at the Salon des Maires from November 17th to 19th 2009. The urban light commercial vehicle par excellence, Maxity electric emits no atmospheric pollution and no sound pollution. One of Renault Trucks’ alternative solutions is a natural gas vehicles range and the manufacturer is already experimenting with hybrid technologies with its customers in the field.

On November 17th, 18th and 19th 2009, at the exhibition centre at the Porte de Versailles in Paris, the only national meeting of the major actors of public procurement will take place: le Salon des maires et des collectivités locales. As the number one professional event in the local authorities sector, it brought together 48,900 visitors in 2008 and this year will host 800 exhibitors, including Renault Trucks.

As the biggest investors in France, local authorities manage our living environment. Renault Trucks is a major ally for them, with the French manufacturer accounting for 70% of their vehicle fleets. In 2009, the UGAP (the public procurement union which sells on the equipment to French local authorities and administrations) has ordered 1,500 vehicles over a period of three years. In 2009, Renault Trucks will be participating at the show alongside the AVERE (an association for the development of electric and hybrid vehicles) with its Maxity electric. At each of these events, Renault Trucks is providing technical solutions to meet the practical needs of municipal and intercommunal services.

In partnership with PVI and EDF, Renault Trucks will be presenting its Maxity electric this year, a zero emission (CO2) light commercial vehicle which also produces no noise pollution. Renault Maxity electric, whose payload can reach 2 tons, is accessible to B category driving licence holders. Its top speed is 90kph with maximum torque as of start-up. The optimisation of the electric motor and energy recovery during braking to recharge batteries allows a range of nearly 100km. The vehicle is equipped with a near-100% asynchronous electric engine, a robotised gearbox and new generation lithium ion batteries. Between five and ten pre-series vehicles will be put on the roads in France with pilot customers from the end of 2009 onwards and market launch is announced for 2010.

The reduction in atmospheric pollutants is a major challenge for the industry and for transport as part of the fight against forecast climate change. Apart from the Maxity electric, Renault Trucks also offers a complete range of alternative solutions to tackle this very contemporary problem. Thus Renault Midlum electric emits neither greenhouse gases nor pollutants. Comparable to diesel vehicles in terms of driving comfort and performance, natural gas vehicles emit no fumes, no particles and are much quieter. Since the beginning of 2009, hybrid technology has been tested under real-life operating conditions in Grand Lyon with the Renault Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech in a household waste collection format. Since then, other hybrid vehicles have been delivered to customers for urban distribution applications. The new technology promises an immediate reduction in diesel consumption but also in CO2 emissions of the order of 25%.

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